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Re: [eldil] Re: Taliessin poems

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  • Steve Hayes
    ... Thanks very much for that... I ve just read them casually before, but find that I see much more in them when reading Lewis s commentaries. Also, the first
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 25, 2008
      On 25 Sep 2008 at 13:56, charles_wms_soc wrote:

      > Just to say that if others have difficulties with the Taliessin poems,
      > the C.W.Society's small book of, so to speak, supplements to Lewis'
      > commentary, edited by Anne Ridler, will (we hope) be reprinted by
      > Apocryphile in a few months' time.

      Thanks very much for that... I've just read them casually before, but find
      that I see much more in them when reading Lewis's commentaries.

      Also, the first time i read them, I wasn't sufficiently familiar with the
      Arthurian literature to make much sense of them. And even trying to read the
      Arthurian literature -- Malory, Tennyson etc just confused me.

      Eventually I read through a couple of retellings, to try to set the scene as
      it were, and the Mabinogion, and a few other things. It's not just Williams
      and Lewis but so much other literature that is linked to to it or has
      allusions to it that I was quite unaware of when I first read their novels.

      I could understand the references to Merlin in "That hideous strength", and
      apprecialed the way Lewis handled the encounter between modern and pre-modern
      man, as he did with sinful and sinless creatures in "Out of the silent
      planet", but the reference to Mr Fisher-King passed right over my head.

      It made me aware that much of English literature cannot really bwe understood
      without being familiar with

      1. The matter of Britain
      2. The Bible
      3. Shakespeare.

      And the Inklings themselves seem to have been pretty familiar with all three.

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