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Re: [eldil] Slightly easier challenge...

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  • SherryT
    From Steve Hayes Block Sender | Block Domain Date 2007/12/02 ... I like the haiku and I salute you, Steve, for your healing ministry
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 3, 2007
      From Steve Hayes <hayesstw@...> Block Sender | Block Domain
      Date 2007/12/02

      >On 15 Nov 2007 at 10:56, Yvonne Aburrow wrote:
      >> Hi Steve and all
      >> Something easier than a whole 25,000 words for NaNoWriMo...
      >> How about a Charles Williams (or other Inkling-themed) haiku?
      >> open wardrobe door
      >> snow drifts in from Narnia -
      >> melts in English sun.
      >> if the Macready
      >> had not chased them, would they have entered?
      >> Permanent winter.
      >> See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scifaiku for more information on
      >> haiku-writing.

      >Well, I didn't make it in the NaNoWriMo thingy this year -- wrote less than
      >1000 words, but had too many other things on my mind, like a much delayed
      >project on African initiatives in Christian healng ministry that I hope to
      >have ready for the publishers by the end of the year.
      >Steve Hayes
      >E-mail: shayes@...
      > Web: http://hayesfam.bravehost.com/stevesig.htm
      > http://people.tribe.net/hayesstw
      > Blog: http://methodius.blogspot.com
      >Phone: 083-342-3563 or 012-333-6727

      I like the haiku and I salute you, Steve, for your healing ministry work.

      For the first time in five years, I wasn't able to participate in NaNoWriMo. I spent the beginning of the month finishing up last minute preps of various sorts. Then I went to two

      conferences, back-to-back--Philcon from Nov 16-18 and DarkoverCon Nov 23-25.

      At Philcon, I helped maintain the Broad Universe table at which my new novel, Seabird, and several other fiction works were being sold. When not on duty, I attended various panels and

      did my best to network with both readers and writers.

      A DarkoverCon, I was able to meet fellow members of the Order of St. Michael face-to-face for the first time. (I joined the group via email in mid-Dec 2006). Approximately 25 of us

      were at the con. We had a couple of business meetings, informal chats, two dinners and a Catholic mass cum kaddish (Jewish wake).

      While at Darkover, I also did my best to network with other authors and with readers, while attending a few panels re fantasy, the annual singing of the Hallelujah Chorus (followed by

      informal Christmas hymn & carol singing), two folk music concerts, a shamanic drumming session, part of a bookmaking workshop, etc.

      Gryphonwood Press released my novel just before all of these events began, as planned. Unfortunately, someone sent the wrong version of the manuscript to their printer--the version in

      which I had yet to make final corrections. Gryphonwood Press is new and I guess they still have glitches to work out. Fortunately, they are not only new but also POD (print on demand)

      so they don't have a warehouse full of bad copies. Of course, all the copies they sent to me for my mini-tour were the uncorrected version.

      And that's how I spent my v/a/c/a/t/i/o/n NaNo November. Maybe we could try writing on our own in February or some other month?

      Does anyone here know Jef Murray? He is evidently an artist and a fan of the Inklings. How about John C. Wright--YA author and also an Inkling fan, plus an adult convert to



      Under the Mercy,


      Seabird will be available from Gryphonwood Press, Nov 2007.

      Fans of C.S. Lewis will love Sherry Thompson's novel. When Cara Marshall is transported to Narenta, she is proclaimed champion of its people against the sorcerous daemagos. Amid the grateful welcomes, Cara protests that she has been
      "world-napped," and wants neither her title nor her mission.
      "They've got the wrong person and they're going to get me killed because they won't admit it."
      With no knowledge of weapons or magic, can she save the Tethran kingdom and find her way home?

      Read a sample at: http://khivasmommy.googlepages.com/home
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