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The Neoinklings (eldil) forum

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  • Steve Hayes
    Since we have a few new members in this forum, I thought I d welcome them and hope they introduce themselves, and also post this, from the forum web page, as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2010
      Since we have a few new members in this forum, I thought I'd welcome them and
      hope they introduce themselves, and also post this, from the forum web page,
      as a reminder to all of us about what this forum is about, just in case you
      haven't visited the forum web page recently (or at all).

      The Neoinklings (eldil) forum is:

      For discussion of the works of the literary group the Inklings, whose members
      included Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Owen Barfield and
      several others. It is also for discussing their philosophy, theology and
      literary criticism and related topics.

      This forum is called NeoInklings, partly to distinguish it from the original
      group, as it would be presumptuous to pretend to be a continuation of it, and
      yet also to indicate that this group has similar interests, including works
      of the original Inklings and their associates.

      While there are other mailing lists for discussing the works of the Inklings,
      this differs somewhat in being unspecialised. It is not just for discussing
      their fantasy, or for their children's books, or their poetry, or their
      plays, but any and all of these, including comparison with other authors who
      were not members of the group. It is not just for discussing one of the
      Inklings, concentrating on Lewis, or Tolkien, or Williams, but all of them,
      and similar authors like Madeleine l'Engle and G.K. Chesterton.

      Those who enjoy works by the Inklings often wish they had written more, since
      the original Inklings are all dead, the only way there will be more is if
      people write more works in similar genres. So like the original Inklings,
      NeoInklings can submit their work for reading and criticism by other members
      of the group.

      So much for the blurb.

      I'm a happy member of the coinherence forum for discussion of the works of
      Charles Williams, but I always get a bit nervous when I want to discuss
      something about one of the other Inklings, and feel I'm veering off-topic.

      For the purposes of this forum, ALL the Inklings are on topic, and they
      should not be seen as a kind of fence beyond which we must not stray, but
      rather, like the tree of life in the book of Genesis, in the middle of the
      garden, a centre from which we can go out and to which we return.

      I also hope that, like the original Inklings, it will be a place where we can
      discuss each other's writing, if we have something to share. If you check the
      web site, you can see that there is a Files section where you can upload your
      own poems, short stories, or even your full-length novel, and your own lit-
      crit essays if you feel like it.

      Someone remarked that they found another forum on Lewis was dominated by
      wranglings between Christians of different backgrounds and traditions. Now I
      think one of the central themes of this forum is theology and literature, but
      if discussion threatens to get bogged down in the finer points of comparative
      ecclesiology, then we have just the place for you -- you can take it to the
      Thandanani forum, which is for discussing that very thing:


      "Thandanani" is Zulu for "love one another" and is for Christians of
      different backgrounds and traditions to discuss their differences in a loving
      and friendly setting.

      And if it goes wider than Christianity, and you want to discuss comparative
      religion, then there is the Religionrap forum:


      But discussion of theology and literature here is also OK, as long as it
      doesn't get too bogged down.

      So welcome to our new members, and I look forward to some interesting

      Steve Hayes
      E-mail: shayes@...
      Web: http://hayesfam.bravehost.com/litmain.htm
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