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(Fwd) C.S. Lewis Society Update, 9/26/07

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  • Steve Hayes
    This may be of interest ... Date sent: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 13:40:30 -0700 To: shayes@dunelm.org.uk (Mr. Steve Hayes) From: David J.
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      This may be of interest

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      Subject: C.S. Lewis Society Update, 9/26/07

      Dear Steve,

      Please note the following in this issue of the
      C.S. Lewis Society Update (9/26/07):

      1. Religious Books Banned in Federal Prisons
      2. Film News
      3. Next meeting of C.S. Lewis Society's Bay
      Area Book Club: Reflections on the Psalms
      4. New Journal and Books
      5. Other Events

      1. Religious Books Banned in Federal Prisons:

      In the name of "fighting terrorism," federal
      Bureau of Prisons bureaucrats are banning any
      religious books in prisons not on the Bureau's
      short, restricted list of approved books. Among
      the books banned are ones by C. S. Lewis, Rick
      Warren, Paul Tillich, Karl Barth, Moses
      Maimonides, Charles Schuller, Harold Kushner, and
      many, many other authors. The wholesale
      censorship has ordered federal prison chaplains
      to comply based on the premise that library
      materials should be "free of discrimination,
      disparagement, advocacy of violence and religious
      radicalization." The purge resulted from a 2004
      report by the Office of the Inspector General in
      the Justice Department that recommended that
      prisons take steps to avoid becoming recruiting
      grounds for militant Islamic and other religious
      groups, the New York Times reported.

      New York Times:

      Washington Post:

      USA Today:

      Topeka Capital-Journal:

      A class action suit has been filed by two
      prisoners in upstate New York, one a Christian
      and the other an Orthodox Jew.

      Needless to say, C.S. Lewis was a very strong
      opponent of literary censorship, as he discussed
      in a number of his books, including PRESENT

      2. Film News:

      A. A feature film is being made of the marvelous
      autobiographical book, A SEVERE MERCY, by the
      author and scholar Sheldon Vanauken (Professor of
      History and English, Lynchburg College). The book
      recounts the story of Vanauken and his wife
      Davy's friendship with C.S. Lewis, their
      conversion to Christianity and their facing her
      tragic illness and death. The film is being
      produced by Origin Entertainment:

      Sheldon Vanauken (Wikipedia)

      B. The beginning of filming for the third book in
      the Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia series, VOYAGE
      OF THE DAWN TREADER, has been pushed back to
      Summer 2008 in order to accommodate the schedules
      of the actors. As a result, the film is now
      scheduled for release in May 2010. (Michael Apted
      is the director.) Meanwhile, the production of
      Narnia book THE SILVER CHAIR has been placed on
      the priority list by the producers at Walden
      Media as a result of an impending strike next
      June by the Writers' Guild, Directors' Guild, and
      Screen Actors' Guild.

      C. A handsome movie poster for the next Narnia
      epic film PRINCE CASPIAN has recently been
      released, "A New Age Has Begun," showing a May
      16th premiere date for the film:

      3. Next meetings of the C.S. Lewis Society's Bay Area Book Club:

      Book for Discussion:


      Wednesday, October 3rd, 7:30 p.m.; Meeting
      moderator/leader: Lucia La Rocca

      Wednesday, October 17th, 7:30 p.m.; Meeting
      moderator/leader: Lucia La Rocca

      In one of his most enlightening works, C.S. Lewis
      shares his ruminations on both the form and the
      meaning of the Psalms. In the introduction he
      explains, "I write for the unlearned about things
      in which I am unlearned myself," so from neither
      a scholar's nor a Christian apologist's stance
      Lewis takes on a tone of thoughtful collegiality
      as he writes on one of the Bible's most elusive
      books. Characteristically graceful and lucid,
      Lewis cautions that the Psalms were originally
      written as songs that should now be read in the
      spirit of lyric poetry. Drawing from daily life
      as well as the literary world, Lewis begins to
      reveal the mystery that often shrouds the Psalms.
      REFLECTIONS ON THE PSALMS also includes an
      appendix featuring the full text of selected
      Psalms and a listing of all the Psalms mentioned
      and discussed.

      "Illuminating and rewarding reading." --Christian Herald

      "For the last thirty years of his life no other
      Christian writer in this country had such an
      influence on the general reading public as C.S.
      Lewis." --Times Literary Supplement

      The meetings will be held at:

      11990 Skyline Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94619 (atop the Oakland hills)
      510-482-2906 phone wine, soft drinks and other refreshments served

      Here also are a couple short articles that
      discuss REFLECTIONS ON THE PSALMS and related

      "Reflections on the Psalms: Quotations and Allusions," by Arend Smilde

      "Reflections on the Psalms," by Will Vaus:

      REFLECTIONS ON THE PSALMS in available in paperback:


      Here also is the schedule of future Lewis Society book club meetings:

      Here also is information on C.S. Lewis:

      We hope that you and/or others you know will be
      joining with us! (Please feel free to forward
      this update to others.)

      4. New Journal and Books:

      A. NEW JOURNAL: The C.S. Lewis Foundation has
      recently launched the new online journal, IN
      PURSUIT OF TRUTH: A Journal of Christian
      Scholarship. The journal is edited by Scott Key,
      Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at
      California Baptist University.

      B. NEW BOOKS: The following new books are noteworthy:

      1. DISCOVERING GOD: The Origins of the Great
      Religions and the Evolution of Belief, by Rodney
      Stark (HarperOne, October 2007):
      -9461647 "In this wide-ranging investigation, Stark detects sacred
      reality--not pious deception--at the heart of transcendent beliefs shared by
      Aborigines and Anglicans. In their myths of the high gods, Stark contends,
      early tribal peoples glimpsed divine truths obscured in later civilizations
      when pharaohs and emperors lent government support to temple priesthoods more
      interested in maintaining a comfortable lifestyle than in serving God. The
      eventual emergence of a religious marketplace in ancient Rome opened a wide
      range of metaphysical options. Yet in a culture of religious pluralism, the
      insistent claims of tightly knit communities of Jews and Christians appeared
      threatening to Roman leaders, who defended the status quo by persecuting
      adherents to these unsettlingly intense faiths. Yet it is in these revelatory
      faiths--and not the meditative religions of Eastern Asia--that Stark discerns
      the fullest manifestation of God. . . . [S]erious students of religion will
      recognize this as an essential sourcebook." -- Booklist

      D'Souza (Regnery, October 2007):
      -9461647 This new book looks at Christianity with a questioning eye, but
      treats atheists with equal skepticism. The result is a book that will
      challenge the assumptions of both believers and doubters and affirm that
      really is, indeed, something great about Christianity.
      * Why Christianity explains what modern
      science tells us about the universe and our
      origins--that matter was created out of nothing,
      that light preceded the sun--better than atheism
      * How Christianity created the framework for
      modern science, so that Christianity and science
      are not irreconcilable, but science and atheism
      might be
      * Why the alleged sins of Christianity--the
      Crusades, the Inquisition, the Galileo affair
      ("an atheist's fable")--are vastly overblown
      * Why atheist regimes are responsible for the
      greatest mass murders of history
      * Why atheists fear the Big Bang theory and
      the "anthropic principle" of the universe, which
      are keystones of modern astronomy and physics
      * How Christianity explains consciousness and
      free will, which atheists have to deny
      * Why ultimately you can't have Western
      civilization--and all we value from it--without
      the Christianity that gave it birth.

      3. THE SPIRITUAL BRAIN: A Neuroscientist's Case
      for the Existence of the Soul, by Mario
      Beauregard and Denyse O'Leary (HarperOne,
      September 2007):
      0858834&itm=3&afsrc=1 Do religious experiences come from God, or are they
      merely the random firing of neurons in the brain? Drawing on his own research
      with Carmelite nuns, neuroscientist Mario Beauregard shows that genuine,
      life-changing spiritual events can be documented. He offers compelling
      evidence that religious experiences have a nonmaterial origin, making a
      convincing case for what many in scientific fields are loath to consider-that
      it is God who creates our spiritual experiences, not the brain. The authors
      also explore recent claims of a "God gene," "God helmet," and claims that our
      brains are "hardwired" for religion. The authors argue that these attempts
      misguided and narrow-minded, because they mistakenly reduce spiritual
      experiences to material phenomena.

      Here also is an interview with Professor
      Beauregard, who is the Director of the Laboratory
      of Neuropsychology at the University of Montreal
      in Canada:

      4. ACTS FOR EVERYONE, PART 1, by Tom Wright (September 2007)
      The distinguished New Testament scholar, N.T.
      ("Tom") Wright has authored an accessible yet
      in-depth commentary for everyone to understand
      the Book of Acts. The book combines wit, insights
      and wisdom, and is part of the series he has been
      authoring which also includes books on Mark,
      Matthew, Luke, John, etc.

      4. Other Events:

      "The Crisis of the University: Freedom, Tolerance and the Pursuit of Truth"
      Sponsored by the C.S. Lewis Foundation University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
      October 5-6, 2007 http://www.cslewis.org/programs/ff/2007/index.html

      "C.S. Lewis: Man and His Work: A 21st Century Legacy"
      Sponsored by L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture
      Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC
      October 26-27, 2007

      "C.S. Lewis Conference"
      Sponsored by Hope Lutheran Church
      Atascadero, CA
      January 25-27, 2008
      (More details to follow)

      "Sixth Frances Ewbank Colloquium on C.S. Lewis & Friends"
      Sponsored by Taylor University, Upland, IN
      May 29-June 1, 2008

      "Charles Williams and His Contemporaries"
      Sponsored by The Charles Williams Society
      Sr. Hilda's College, Oxford, England
      July 4-6, 2008

      Please advise me with any questions.

      Best regards,


      David J. Theroux
      Founder and President
      C. S. Lewis Society of California
      100 Swan Way, Suite 200
      Oakland, CA 94621-1428
      (510) 635-6892 Phone
      (510) 568-6040 Fax

      Founder and President
      The Independent Institute
      (510) 632-1366 Phone

      To subscribe or unsubscribe, please simply reply
      and indicate "Subscribe" or "Unsubscribe."

      Copyright © 2007, C.S. Lewis Society of California

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