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A ChWms "micro questionnaire"

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  • Steve Hayes
    This was posted in the Charles Williams group, but I thought it could be fun to answer here. If you are a member of the Williams forum (coinherence-l), you may
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2010
      This was posted in the Charles Williams group, but I thought it could be fun
      to answer here. If you are a member of the Williams forum (coinherence-l),
      you may have responded already, so don't feel any obligation to do so again

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      I'm throwing this to together as I go along, so bear with me...

      1. When did you first hear of Charles Williams? How? When?

      2. What was the first ChWms work you read?

      3. What did you think of it?

      4. What's your favorite?

      5. What have you read most recently?

      6. What ChWms piece haven't you read but would like to?

      7. Add a question. :)

      My Answers:

      1. I read Tolkien back in about 1966, then I learned about the Inklings in
      about 1970 or so, via a Tolkien Newsletter of some sort. I had never heard of
      anything like The Inklings--the whole concept fascinated me.

      2. I read some Lewis and while still reading Lewis, I tried The Place of the
      Lion. This would have been in the early 70's.

      3. I didn't much like PotL but, being enamored of Tolkien and Lewis, I
      tried again with All Hallows Eve. That one took.

      4. Probably the Authurian cycles, Taliesin Through Logres & The Region of
      Summer Stars, though I haven't read them recently. I love the world of the
      coinherence that Williams sets up so vividly. Lewis' commentary is invaluable
      to me.

      On the other hand, I dip into The Greater Trumps repeatedly. I love Sybil's
      character--she is so in tune with God, such a holy, peace-filled and loving

      5. Snippets from the Greater Trumps. I sometimes cherry-pick my favorite
      scenes, like Sybil in the snowstorm looking for her brother, or she and her
      niece at the Christmas service--where the latter asks if it's all true.

      6. I could give lots of answers, sadly. However, I would like to read The
      Descent of the Dove--and actually get through it this time.

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