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99The greater trumps

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  • Steve Hayes
    Jan 23, 2009
      There's an interesting blog post on "The greater trumps" and Charles
      Williams's use of the Tarot here:


      I disagree with the author's statement that the Wite Tarot pack had more
      Christian stmbolism, however. I've always thought it far more tied to 19th-
      century occultism, and think that it actually dilutes the Christian symbolism
      of the traditiional version. The Fool of the Waite pack, in particular, seems
      very far removed from Williams's description of it in "The greater trumps".

      If sometimes used the traditional images to illustrate some of my own blog
      posts, because of their Christian symbolism, for example here:


      in an article on "Symbolic countercultures and rituals of opposition".

      Am I alone in finding diminished Christian symbolism in the Waite images as
      compared with the traditional ones?

      What do other people think?

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