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414The world then and now

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  • Steve Hayes
    Aug 23, 2014
      And this, from Madeleine L'Engle:
      "When I am looking for theologians to stimulate my creativity, theologians
      who are contemporary enough to speak to these last years of our troubled
      century, I turn to the Byzantine and Cappadocian Fathers of the early years
      of the Christian era, because their world was like ours. ...Rome was breaking
      up; civilization was changing as radically as is our own. ... Such people as
      Chrysostom, Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa and his brilliant sister
      Macrina were facing the same kind of change and challenge that we are, and
      from them I get great courage." (Walking on Water, p. 88)
      (nicked from Peter Bouteneff on Facebook)

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