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367Re: [eldil] Satanism and satanists

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  • Graham Darling
    Sep 12, 2013
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      On 2013-09-12 06:58 , Steve Hayes wrote:
      > A quote from "War in heaven", followed by a question:
      > My concern is rather what Williams (and perhaps his contemporaries) thought of "satanism".

      He wrote a book on it - or, as it was understood by the West -
      "Witchcraft", 1941. This was before the identification of witchcraft
      with paganism popularized by Margaret Murray (now discredited by
      academics - the Pagans had their own witches).

      An early "pact with with the Devil" story is that of Theophilus of
      Adana, 6th C.

      St. Augustine condemned devil-worship in his "City of God", 5th C.

      The 3rd C gnostic Ophites are said to have worshipped the Serpent that
      tempted Eve.

      Jesus Himself was offered power in return for bowing down to the Devil.
      He didn't take the deal.



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