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362Re: [coinherence-l] Re: The New Yorker on "War in Heaven"

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  • Steve Hayes
    Aug 31, 2013
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      On 31 Aug 2013 at 9:40, Ian Lowell wrote:

      > It may be just me having a bad day, but I have come to the conclusion that I
      > can no longer participate in a group that takes, or seems to take, as reality
      > what is clearly fiction, or at least fictive accounts, of such things as the
      > holy grail and magic.
      > I appreciate it appears to be concrete to many participants, but smoke and
      > mirrors is what come to my mind.
      > Please accept my apologies if I have offered offence by these words, and I
      > wish you all well.

      Now that sounds like an interesting topic, and one worth discussing.

      What do you consider to be "reality" and what "fiction"?

      How do you understand the works of Charles Williams?

      I recall a discussion that took place in the gouse of some friends where I
      was staying, some 40 years ago.

      I was banned at the time, and a number of other friends that we knew had
      recently been banned or detained by the Security Police.

      Their younger daughter, aged 9, said "But why does God allow it? Whit does he
      allow our friends to be banned and put in jail?"

      Her older sister, aged 11 said, "It's not God, it's the green snake." (A
      reference to "The silver chair", by C.S. Lewis).

      "But that's not true. It's in a book. Somebody wrote it," said the younger

      "Yes, but what it means is true," said the elder.

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