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326Re: [eldil] 2012 reading

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  • Isaac
    Jan 2, 2013
      Gosh, that's a lot of reading. 2012 was a busy year for me and I managed to squeeze only a few books in:

      MacDonald, George. Phantastes
      MacDonald, George. Lilith
      Lossky, Vladimir. The mystical theology of the Eastern Church
      Heschel, Abraham. The sabbath

      Maybe one or two others. Lossky was brilliant and Heschel's claim that Judaism is a religion of time (and not space) was intriguing.


      On 1 Jan 2013, at 12:03, Steve Hayes <hayesstw@...> wrote:

      > What did you read in 2012?
      > When I look at the list of books I have read, it's a bit disappointing. I
      > didn't read as much as I hoped to, and there's not much by the Inklings there
      > either. Well, actually there's nothing there by or about the Inklings, though
      > I have a few on my "to read" list. The closest I came was Phil Rickman, whose
      > earlier books had a vaguely Charles Williamsish feel, but his more recent
      > offerings seem to be run-of-the-mill whodunits with a middle-aged Anglican
      > lady vicar with a teenage daughter in the role of Miss Marples. Pleasant
      > reading, but they somehow don't live up to the promise.
      > Barbery, Muriel. 2008. The elegance of the hedgehog.
      > Boyne, John. 2012. The Absolutist.
      > Collins, Suzanne. 2009. Catching fire.
      > Collins, Suzanne. 2009. The hunger games.
      > Collins, Suzanne. 2010. Mockingjay.
      > Conrad, Joseph. 2010. Heart of darkness.
      > Crystal, David. 2007. By hook or by crook: a journey in search of English.
      > Davies, John D. 1983. The faith abroad.
      > Foer, Jonathan Safran. 2011 [2006] Extremely loud & incredibly close.
      > Forest, Jim. 2011. All is grace: a biography of Dorothy Day.
      > Goddard, Robert. 2012. Fault line.
      > James, P.D. 2011. Death comes to Pemberley.
      > Kerouac, Jack. 1963. Big Sur.
      > La Plante, Lynda. 2011. Blind fury.
      > Larsen, Reif. 2009. The selected works of T.S. Spivet.
      > Lelic, Simon. 2011. The facility.
      > Maher, Paul. 2007. Jack Kerouac's American journey.
      > Mankell, Henning. 2009. The fifth woman.
      > Mankell, Henning. 2010. The man from Beijing.
      > Mankell, Henning. 2011. The troubled man.
      > Maugham, W. Somerset. 1967 [1897] Liza of Lambeth.
      > Maugham, W. Somerset. 1967 [1953] Up at the villa.
      > Maugham, W. Somerset. 1970 [1930] Cakes and ale.
      > Nesbo, Jo. 2012 [1997] The bat.
      > Nesser, Hakan. 2012. Hour of the wolf.
      > Rickman, Phil. 2011. The secrets of pain.
      > Robinson, Peter. 2002. Aftermath.
      > Robinson, Peter. 2010. The price of love.
      > Sandison, David; Vickers, Graham. 2006. Neal Cassady: the fast life of a
      > Beat hero.
      > Shephard, Ben. 2010. The long road home: the aftermath of the Second World
      > War.
      > Tsiolkas, Christos. 2011. The slap.
      > Vermeulen, Elizabeth. 1961. Re‰nboog in die skemering.
      > Vermeulen, Elizabeth. s.a. Fata Morgana.
      > Vermeulen, Elizabeth. s.a. Towergoud.
      > Wise, Arthur. 1969. The day the Queen flew to Scotland for the grouse
      > shooting: a document.
      > Wouk, Herman. 1989. The winds of war.
      > Zaf¢n, Carlos Ruiz. 2005 [2002] The shadow of the wind.
      > Some of those were re-reads - Kerouac, Wise and Wouk, Oh yes, and I also
      > reread "Pride and prejudice", but seem to have forgotten to record it.
      > Best fiction? - "The elegance of the hedgehog", without a doubt. "The shadow
      > of the wind" was also pretty good.
      > Best non-fiction? - Jim Forest's revised and revamped biography of Dorothy
      > Day, "All is grace". Strongly recommended.
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