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306Re: [eldil] A question out of the blue

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  • Dan Drake
    Sep 12, 2012
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      On Sep 10, 2012, at 7:46 PM, Steve Hayes wrote:

      >> Apologies if this is too long and off topic, but at least I warned you!
      > It is neither -- I just hope there is someone else who knows more about it
      > than I do!

      Thanks. I was perhaps too apologetic, as the members of the group haven't shown any signs of disliking an obscure question.

      In fact, some more research has debunked a major part of my bright idea. Details are more relevant to Sayers people than to Inklingites; but Dorothy L Sayers and Charles Williams seem not to have been in contact at all at the time in question, 1936. WIlliams's recommendation to the Canterbury board was based on what he had seen of her other work.

      A simpler but obscure question remains for any Williams experts who missed the first one: Did Williams publish anything before mid-1936, in his Dante studies or his general Christian writings, about the idea of cold-blooded sins vs. warm-hearted? Or are there any references to such concepts known from anywhere?

      My only sources for the concept are Roosevelt in 1936 and Sayers in 1941, a charmingly mixed group. But Williams seems just the person to have formulated up the idea that was implicit in the Divine Comedy.

      Dan Drake
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