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284Re: [eldil] Orthodox Christians and fantasy literature

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  • Steve Hayes
    May 7, 2012
      On 6 May 2012 at 8:00, Steve Hayes wrote:

      > An interesting discussion seems to be developing in the Orthodox blogosphere
      > about whether Orthodox Christians should write, or even read, fantasy
      > literature. They are referring to the works of writers like C.S. Lewis and
      > J.R.R. Tolkien — Christian (though not Orthodox) authors who wrote fantasy
      > fiction.
      > Read about it here:
      > http://wp.me/p3gtp-PN

      I trried to comment on Lily Parascheva Rowe's blog, but it would not let me,
      so I'm copying her comment here:

      Thursday, 03 May 2012 18:25 posted by Lily Parascheva Rowe

      I'm sorry for any confussion here. I'm not in any way condemning the whole
      genre. I wrote this because I've noticed something peculiar. I've talked to
      people who think that because C.S. Lewis and Tolkien are considered founders
      of the genre of fantasy that any and all fantasy must be just awesome. My
      only point was that people should pay attention to the effect that certain
      readings may have on the soul as opposed to simply gobbling them down as
      though they were merely nuetral. In some cases there is nuetrality but there
      are also many times when what is being delivered could be spiritually
      harmful. Twilight may not be technically fantasy but several young people are
      carrying it around at church and telling me it's just like Lewis. Yeah...
      that's a stretch for me. To answer another question, I think parents decide
      what is appropriate for their children. But for sure I wouldn't publish
      something I personally had a problem with. I sure would not have published
      many of the things I find on the "fantasy" bookshelf at the bookstores that
      just looking at the covers and skimming through them you can file them in the
      trash bin. I know this makes me sound hyper critical or some kind of
      fundamentalist but I'm not. I liked Harry Potter for the most part. The Genre
      is blurred. Average people don't even know what belongs in it anymore. It's
      like watching the SciFi channel and seeing wrestling. I respect Fr. Andrew's
      opinion and I might even agree with it. He just thought I was saying
      something a whole lot deeper than what I was really saying. I was just posing
      the question.

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