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  • Steve Hayes
    Apr 5, 2011

      Theology and the Undead

      The academy and pop culture alike recognize the great symbolic and
      pedagogical value of the undead (or reanimated dead). Vampires and zombies
      possess an important ability to enable reflection in a variety of personal
      and cultural ways. This has been explored variously from consumerism to
      racism to the breakdown of the nuclear family to philosophy and even
      political theory. Another important facet of exploration through these
      monstrous icons is theology.

      We are soliciting abstract submissions for an anthology volume on theology
      and the undead. This would be similar in format to Zombies, Vampires, and
      Philosophy (Open Court Press, 2010), True Blood and Philosophy (Wiley, 2010),
      and Twilight and Philosophy (Wiley, 2009). Submissions should address a
      variety of theological issues and challenges by way of drawing upon the
      undead as objects of critical reflection. In terms of the elements of pop
      culture used in this process, the editors are open to classics such as Stoker
      and Romero, but are hoping to also include a number of items that address
      more recent incarnations of the undead, such as The Walking Dead, Resident
      Evil, True Blood, etc.

      Please send electronic 250 word proposal summaries electronically. The
      deadline for submissions is June 30, 2011 for completed draft submissions in
      the summer of 2012. Proposals (and other inquiries) should be sent to both
      Kim Paffenroth (kimpaffenroth@...) and John Morehead

      Dr. Kim Paffenroth
      Professor of Religious Studies, Iona College
      Writer of Apocalyptic, Zombie Horror
      Blog at gotld dot blogspot dot com

      John W. Morehead
      Independent Scholar
      Blog at theofantastique dot com
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