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105The Dark Mountain Project

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  • Stephen Hayes
    Jun 15, 2009
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      You are all invited to the launch party of the Dark Mountain Project, a new literary movement for a tie of global disruption.

      We toyed with the idea of finding a mountaintop on which to gather; indeed, we had a couple of specific mountaintops suggested by our supporters as venues, along with churches, nuclear bunkers and former police stations. All of these we have filed away for use as backdrops for future events, of which we hope there will be many.

      But in the meantime, we are launching the Dark Mountain Project from the banks of the river Thames, just south of the city of Oxford. Specifically, from the gardens of the Isis Tavern, an old hostelry sandwiched between the river and the reed beds of the watermeadows, overhung with giant chestnuts and accessible only by boat, foot or bicycle.

      We will be here, in the back gardens and in the old skittle alley, from 7pm till 11pm on the evening of Friday July 17th. We hope to bring you music, storytellers, perhaps a fire, certainly good local beer and food. Most importantly, it will give us the chance to explain the project in more detail, and for people to get together, meet, talk, conspire and then stagger homewards, lightheaded, up the banks of the river under the summer moon.

      For more see: