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Egypt in the Eyes of Foreigners

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  • Dalia Rashdan
    Interesting topic there Noha ;)) I would love to help out just let me know how I can be of assistance and I ll be there ;) I would still like though, to
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 6, 1905
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      Dalia Rashdan
      mirror site: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Promenade/1004/
      e-mail: basbousa@...

      q_|_|| J 9~~j >~o>~o q_|_|| _\)| q_|| _\)
      Low nindam 3ala kheir 3amalna...a7san manindam 3ala kheir ma3amalnahoosh
    • Sameh O. Eid
      http://www.eh-el-3obara-belzabt?.com i do believe in what u wrote but, god i gess that s happen only in the USA walla eh ? here, in Italy were i live men ayam
      Message 2 of 3 , Apr 13, 2000
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        i do believe in what u wrote but, god i gess that's happen only in
        the USA walla eh ? here, in Italy were i live men ayam el geneih el
        gebs or lama kan goz el 7amam talat ferad or lama kano yebe3o el
        kofta belmetre ecc. :) and generally in Europe it is completly
        different : Egypt is Egypt they know where is that country , learn
        his history even if it is only the pharaonic one, but they also know
        that its a civile , multi culture - i mean that its a country that
        conserve a lot of his history along the centuries and stand also in
        the modern present with a look to the future .
        btw hena they are really Egypt's lover in every sense , history,
        tourism, work , someone also speaks to me about some Egyp. soccer
        player (= more informed then me;) ecc.
        -never heared someone asking me if i drive camels loll or WHERE is
        Egypt ecc. ya weilo ya sawad leiho as i'll send'm directly to Raya w
        skina loll
        I can't express a negative opinion about Americans as i can't believe
        that 100% of them are ignorant le7ad keda, but as el massal (not
        massal el yom:) say :
        el gahl ne3ma
        so fi ra2yee leave them in their ne3ma lolll

        btw that's also true but *different* , as sometimes i folloed my Papa
        around (he was wn officer) i knew many kinds of my age ; one if i
        rememeber was in za2azee2 asked me about the sea (mediterranean) and
        if it is true that u can't see where it ends !!! of course its not
        the same as the cases u mentioned ...
        but it is important to don't feel "zaal" if u speaks with someone who
        doesn't know about our country, i just say ... Maskeen .
        anyway my experience here , i saw (& still) many TV prog. about Egypt
        but mo3zamhom about the Pharaons , lately also Alex. the great & that
        was a little change , rarely there's some culture prog. where
        proudly i see & listen to Naguib Mahfouz & many here knows him and
        read at least one of his books .

        "so guyz and guyzat don't feel angry or .... just think "ya sater di
        el donia maliana gahala leldaraga di ?"... and gahala are eveywhere
        !!! shey2 tabee3y .

        Ciao Amani , tanx for Re-forw the msg ;-)
        & hope everythinhg 3andek is OK ...

        ya Shellaweya i missed U all old and E-new salam moraba3 to all ,
        tab3an our famous mama & baba el shella mashia w 3al loll and
        special hi also to 3ammo 3awni, dear Youssef (mi manchi tanto) , Nile
        Princess, BelleAnna, Olaf beih (where're U man), basbousa konafa,
        atayef, ba2lawa, Beleelah yum yum and all of course i can't write all
        names :)
        but how is mahalabeya lol tayeb shewayet molokheya ya nas ;-) ya Raya
        w skeena el bondoga met3amara ya boooooy so watch out lolll
        back to Egypt Subject - it could be nice to Re-talk about recent
        history 1800 ect. as i think it was a very important period ... i
        have some newspapers (of these days) written in italien!!! who wants
        a copy i can send some privatly of course as i remember the shella's
        rules ehm ehm dastoor ya 7amam loll
        >i totally agree with Ehab's idea to covert the show to digital
        >video over the web :)
        i do agree , and tanks mo2adaman to who will do that great job ...
        to KHALED ESSAM
        >please if any1 know whrere to buy a good cat just inform me thanx
        dear friend ... a "good cat" is nearer than u can think , it is the
        cat who need ur care, the one who nobody want- as he/she's not a
        famous race, long hair ecc. so just take a CAT and give him/her ur
        love & care and he/she will give you the same and more ... and will
        cost only the care ... thanks God i live with a wonderful cat that in
        the next month will be her 17 years bearthday !!!
        i love her too much ;) wish u have an experience like this ...
        Good luck 'n take care
        at the end i would like to say something to our friend "Egllal rakem"
        , ur mail touched me a lot, i hope that ur mood is due to a
        particular moment & wish that things change to better, anyway with
        that Shella u're (we're) never alone and let time pass w koll 7aga
        turns right ... forza e corraggio ;o)

        sorry ya "kabaten & kabatenat" its a long mail , next time i'll
        attach a couple of Aspirin ;) a3mel eh bas , wa7ashtoony awy...
        i better stop now or ... el saroukh n7 will catch me fi west el dorah :-)))

        mamma mia its been a long time i didn't write so i hope i wasn't too lemed :o)
        ok Takom care & hear U soon
        Sameh O'Eid

        P.S. Salamat to mr. Dan... Him-Dan ya tara akhbaro eh ?
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