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Fwd: New Initiative: Environmental Conflict Resolution Participation Program

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  • Rebecca Krantz
    Hi folks, Thought you might be interested in the following... ... In Community, Rebecca Krantz, Facilitator East Isthmus Neighborhoods Planning Council 2425
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
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      Hi folks,

      Thought you might be interested in the following...

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      >Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 15:09:10 EDT
      >Subject: New Initiative: Environmental Conflict Resolution Participation
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      >Subject: New Initiative: Environmental Conflict Resolution Participation
      >The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution is pleased to
      >announce an exciting new initiative: the ECR Participation Program. Currently
      >under development, this innovative program will provide support to enable
      >full participation of all essential parties in specific environmental
      >conflict resolution efforts, consistent with the U.S. Institute's mission of
      >promoting resolution of environmental disputes involving federal agencies and
      >other parties.
      >The ECR Participation Program has been carefully designed to achieve several
      >objectives, including: 1) increased nationwide use of ECR in environmental,
      >natural resource, and public lands conflicts involving federal agencies; 2)
      >encouraging high quality dispute resolution processes by not only supporting
      >appropriate use of ECR strategies, but also fostering an appropriate balance
      >among interests involved in such processes; and 3) increasing the ability of
      >all affected parties to effectively participate in ECR processes. Under the
      >Participation Program, the U.S. Institute will provide neutral services and
      >related participation support for initiation of agreement-focused
      >environmental conflict resolution efforts. State and local governments,
      >tribes, and non-governmental organizations may apply for matching funds to
      >support multi-party, neutral-led conflict resolution processes that involve
      >federal agencies or interests. Support is not provided to their federal
      >agencies under the ECR Participation Program, although support can be
      >provided to them through the Federal Partnership Program, another initiative
      >of the U.S. Institute.
      >Early in 2001, the U.S. Institute conducted an assessment of the need to
      >foster participation by essential parties in ECR efforts. The U.S. Institute
      >consulted extensively, contacting representatives of constituencies who would
      >be potential users of this program to learn about their views of the need for
      >ECR participation support. Representatives of environmental groups, natural
      >resource users, tribes, local and state governments, and ECR practitioners
      >all provided information about the specific needs for such a fund and about
      >criteria for eligibility.
      >To learn more about the ECR Participation Program, interested parties can
      >consult the July 24, 2001 issue of the Federal Register (Vol. 66, No. 142;
      >01-18358-filed.pdf <
      >docid=01-18358-filed.pdf> ). There you will learn that the U.S. Institute is
      >soliciting comments regarding the information collection request for this
      >program. The Federal Register notice describes the need for the ECR
      >Participation Program, a description of information to be provided by
      >applicants in their application forms, and the burden estimate for applying
      >for and documenting activities conducted under the ECR Participation Program.
      >Note that applications for support will not be available until all federal
      >Paperwork Reduction Act requirements are completed, expected to be later this
      >year. For more information, contact: David P. Bernard, Associate Director,
      >U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, Tucson AZ, (520)
      >670-5299, bernard@...

      In Community,

      Rebecca Krantz, Facilitator
      East Isthmus Neighborhoods Planning Council
      2425 Atwood Avenue
      Madison, WI 53704
      (608) 204-0834

      "Humans cannot engage in group activity successfully without
      leadership....Someone, at least one person, must think about the effort as
      a whole and not only about her or his individual role in it in order for
      the group effort to succeed." -- Harvey Jackins
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