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Spring Break Next Week - Vote Today!

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  • Brenda Konkel
    Reminder! Remind your friends and neighbors. Don t forget to vote before you leave for Madison Schools Spring Break next week! State Supreme Court, County
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2009
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      Reminder!  Remind your friends and neighbors.

      Don't forget to vote before you leave for Madison Schools' Spring Break next week!  State Supreme Court, County Executive, State Superintendent of Schools, Dane County Court as well as some Aldermanic Races.

      You can vote in the Clerks office.

      Monday - Friday,
      8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

      Room 103,
      City-County Building,
      210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
      TEL: (608) 266-4601
      TTY: (608) 266-6573
      FAX: (608) 266-4666
      Email: Clerk's Office
      **Please note:  I have disabled my "yahoo" and "prodane" accounts to simplify things.  My tenantresourcecenter.org (TRC) and my district2@... address are still best for business related to Tenant Resource Center or council.
    • EINPC Office
      Neighborhood Newsletter Submission - April 2009 By State Rep. Mark Pocan State, Federal Stimulus Beginning to Make Local Impact More and more families across
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 1, 2009
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        Neighborhood Newsletter Submission – April 2009

        By State Rep. Mark Pocan


        State, Federal Stimulus Beginning to Make Local Impact


        More and more families across the state and in Madison are feeling the direct impact of the struggling national economy. While we can’t yet know how long the economic crisis will last, tangible help from federal and state stimulus legislation is on its way.


        In February, Congress passed and President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to create and save jobs, jumpstart the economy, and build the foundation for long-term economic growth. Preliminary estimates predicted that our state could receive roughly $3.8 billion in federal stimulus dollars, and 70,000 jobs will be created or saved. The funding will support healthcare, education, and transportation needs. It will also boost economic assistance programs.


        Around the same time, I worked with other legislative leaders and Governor Jim Doyle to craft and pass a state stimulus package. Our primary goals were to jumpstart job creation, begin to address the state deficit, and prepare the state for the federal stimulus dollars.


        The passage of the federal stimulus unleashed a flurry of activity by federal agencies that are working to set guidelines for various funding streams. Governor Doyle created the Office of Recovery and Reinvestment to coordinate state efforts to take advantage of all federal stimulus opportunities. The Joint Finance Committee, which I co-chair, has oversight over much of the federal stimulus dollars.


        In the coming year or two, these dollars will benefit our communities on multiple fronts, from improvements to schools to the expansion of energy efficiency programs to increased mass transit. Here are just a few early and concrete examples of federal stimulus money that is already on the way to the Madison area:


        • Federal stimulus dollars can fund education costs in the state budget. This pulled Wisconsin back from the brink of having to make deep, deep cuts which would have meant mass layoffs of K-12 teachers.
        • By April the average Wisconsin worker saw a boost in take-home pay, thanks to a new tax relief program that lowers the federal tax withholding.
        • Four Dane County projects are benefiting from the very first allocations of federal transportation dollars, including $2.9 million for completion of the Starkweather Creek Bike and Pedestrian Trail--connecting MATC to the Capital Cities Trail and the near east side.
        • Madison ’s Community Development Authority, the city’s public housing agency, will receive some $1.4 million for 2009 for low-income housing projects such as those in the Allied Drive area.
        • This summer area landscapers, pavers, quarry workers, engineers, foremen, laborers, and others will be put to work building a new taxiway at the Dane County airport, thanks to $4 million in stimulus funds.
        • Mayor Dave Cieslewicz has indicated that the city will be able to use some of the federal stimulus money to buy 18 new hybrid buses. Overall, the Mayor predicts that the city could see $18-$25 million in total funding for various programs and projects.


        The state stimulus package will also begin to help boost the economy. We included $2.6 million in new worker training initiatives to help those hardest hit by the economic downturn, to invest in the green economy, and prepare Wisconsin workers to take advantage of jobs created by the federal stimulus. Workers will be trained on:

        • Leadership in Energy and Efficiency Design (LEED) certification,
        • lead abatement,
        • windmill and other alternative energy installation,
        • sustainable building practices,
        • hazardous waste handling,
        • geothermal technologies, and
        • solar electricity.


        My office will work to update constituents as more stimulus money makes its way to Wisconsin and the Madison area. It may take several months or even up to two years for us to see the full impact of stimulus legislation, but more and more working families will soon begin to feel the concrete effects of stimulus programs.


        Please feel free to contact my office at 608-266-8570 or rep.pocan@... to share your thoughts or request more information.


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