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FW: LOST: Have you seen this animal?

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  • Connie Kilmark
    Another BLINK art project, this one on endangered species. Check it out. Connie Kilmark ... From: Wolf, Karin Date: Fri, 30 Jan
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2009
      FW: LOST: Have you seen this animal? Another BLINK art project, this one on endangered species.  Check it out.

      Connie Kilmark

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      Conversation: LOST: Have you seen this animal?
      Subject: LOST: Have you seen this animal?

      Please Share Widely:

      Abbie Kurtz is posting her lost species posters all around Madison. The February poster about the Piping Plover will soon be displayed on a bulletin board near you. Look for them in places where lost pet posters would normally be found. You can also check out the artist/environmental activist's progress on her blog about the project. http://envart.blogspot.com/
      Artist Abbie Kurtz has created a series of 12, 8 ½” x 11” watercolor pencil paintings featuring various endangered species of Wisconsin.  The paintings of Lost: Endangered Species of Wisconsin are modeled after poster formats used for those seeking lost pets and will be placed around Madison.  Information about the animal will be included on the posters in addition to the cause of its plight.  Tear outs will be at the bottom of each poster where the viewer can educate themselves about the wildlife around them.

      BLINK is an opportunity for experimental, ad-hoc, temporary works of art to sprout up throughout the community and vanish leaving residents and visitors eager to see what is next. Madison neighborhoods and urban areas are open canvases. The possibilities for creations on open spaces, construction sites, and public parks will provide a glimpse of how the world looks through an artist’s eyes.

      Next Blink Deadline: Proposals must be received in room LL 100 of the Madison Municipal Building, 215 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. by Monday, Feb 2, 2009.

      Karin Wolf, Arts Program Administrator
      Madison Arts Commission
      Department of Planning & Community & Economic Development
      Madison Municipal Building
      215 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

      Mailing Address:
      P.O. Box 2985
      Madison, WI  53701-2985

      p: 608.261.9134
      f: 608.267.8739

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