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Issue area: Immigrants in our community - Wisconsin Reality Tour

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  • Pamela Hathaway
    Opportunity to learn more and participate - read more info below and letter from Patrick Hickey, Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice. Pamela Hathaway,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2007
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      Opportunity to learn more and participate – read more info below and letter from Patrick Hickey, Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice.


      Pamela Hathaway,  Staff/Community Organizer & Acting ED

      East Isthmus Neighborhoods Planning Council

      204-0834 fax 204-0835


      Uniting and strengthening east Madison neighborhoods


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      Subject: [LaSup] Voces de La Frontera Wisconsin Reality Tour


      Dear friends,


      Voces de La Frontera is planning a statewide tour to eleven different cities through Wisconsin to hold public dialogues around the issue of immigration.  They are scheduled to come to Madison on Monday, July 9 and will hold a presentation and discussion at the State Capitol, North Hearing Room (2nd floor) from 11am-1pm.  More details are posted below.


      They are looking for groups to sponsor the event and to help with spreading the word.  They are also interested in finding a few local speakers who can talk about the realities for immigrant workers living in Madison .


      There will be interpretation for the event provided by the Madison Interpreters Collective.  If you have ideas or are willing to help out please contact me at 608-255-0376 or Melanie Benesh at Voces de La Frontera at 414-643-1620 or at melanie.benesh@ gmail.com>




      Patrick Hickey

      ICWJ Director
      Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice
      worker@workerjustic e.org
      www.workerjustice. org


      Wisconsin Reality Tour-Globalizing Justice


      Given the historic mass marches and the current debate in Congress over immigration reform, the goals of this tour would be to travel to different parts of the State of Wisconsin to pre-arranged town hall forums at the churches or classrooms where the public and political leaders are invited to hear public testimony on the ways immigrant and non-immigrant families have been impacted by our broken immigration system and to better understand the nature of the problem.


      Specifically, speakers would include workers and two local business owners affected by the Star Packaging raid in Whitewater , Wisconsin . A Voces de la Frontera Speaker would provide a brief power point presentation on our outdated and discriminatory immigration system and the impact of recent trade agreements on mass migration to the United States and declining living standards for workers in the United States . We would also like to feature two other speakers at each location that includes a worker with manufacturing sector impacted by the North American Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA) and a representative of the agricultural industry (farmer, dairy farmer, etc). Potential speakers from other allied immigrant groups include: Africans in Milwaukee , Hmong or Filipino Community, and the Irish Cultural Heritage Center .


      We want to encourage broad outreach for these events in order to have a respectful but spirited dialogue with people to better understand the nature of the problem and to see the interconnectedness of immigration policies with our national policies and impact working class families in Wisconsin and in the nation.


      This would be followed by a call to action by participants interested in supporting the immigrant’s right movement which could include: individuals joining Voces de la Frontera, churches affiliating with WISDOM, organizations joining with Wisconsin Legalization Coalition, collaborating on upcoming Days of Action (such as mobilizations, press conferences, calls, letters, etc.), i.e. playing an active role in the movement.


      We would work with the media and with web communications to feature up to date local state, and national coverage of the tour. As well, as potentially set up day time interviews with radio stations, TV stations, and editorial boards of local newspapers.


      We are asking a local group in the following cities and dates to host an event (identify a location and set the time) and then work with allied local groups to broad outreach for the event.


      Schedule:    Monday, July 8-Sunday, July 15

      • Sunday, July 8 , 2007 — La Crosse , Wisconsin Dells
      • Monday, July 9, 2007 — Madison , Janesville
      • Tuesday, July 10, 2007--- Whitewater , Sheboygan
      • Wednesday, July 11, 2007-- Green Bay
      • Thursday, July 12, 2007 - Appleton
      • Friday, July 13, 2007 - Wausau
      • Saturday, July 14, 2007- Milwaukee
      • Sunday, July 15, 2007- Racine

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