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  • Rebecca Krantz
    Dear Captain LaMar, This is excellent news. I and the others on this list will look forward to getting your updates. ... In Community, Rebecca Krantz,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2001
      Dear Captain LaMar,

      This is excellent news. I and the others on this list will look forward to
      getting your updates.

      At 04:05 PM 5/31/2001 -0500, you wrote:
      >I have been forwarded your e-mail address and will add you to the list
      >of receipiants for the East District Newsletter and significant
      >incidents report which we will start to publish by the end of June.
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      In Community,

      Rebecca Krantz, Facilitator
      East Isthmus Neighborhoods Planning Council
      2425 Atwood Avenue
      Madison, WI 53704
      (608) 204-0834
    • Rebecca Krantz
      ... In Community, Rebecca Krantz, Facilitator East Isthmus Neighborhoods Planning Council 1321 E. Mifflin St. Suite 201 Madison, WI 53703 (608) 204-0834 “I
      Message 2 of 3 , Dec 17, 2003


        Message: 1
           Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 15:29:11 -0600
           From: "Jill Klubertanz" <JKLUBERTANZ@...>
        Subject: East Police District Newsletter, No. 16, December 16 2003

        This is the 16th East District Newsletter for 2003. 

        This newsletter is distributed by e-mail to district personnel, area
        alders, neighborhood groups and other interested citizens.  The purpose
        of this newsletter is to share information about police incidents,
        community events and general police operations and will focus mostly on
        events taking place in the East Police District.

        The mailing list of recipients has been developed from a variety of
        sources and I again encourage everyone to send me addresses of anyone
        else that you may hear of that is interested in receiving the


        The East Police District is one of five geographical areas served by
        the Madison Police Department.  The East District coverage area extends
        from Lien Road (south of East Towne Mall) on the north to the McFarland
        Village limits on the south. The west boundary is Lake Monona including
        the Division St and Olbrich Park area all the way east to the City
        limits east of Sprecher Road. 

        Residential Burglaries

        1500 Langley La on 11/11/03 at 3:45am.  Res. of condo bldg observed 3
        suspects that entered the underground parking area after hearing a
        "scratching noise" at the door.  Evidence of prying to the door.  Susp
        decsr: 3 males, teenage to early 20's, possibly Hispanic or lt skinned
        African American. 

        1500 Wayridge Dr on 11/11/03 overnight.  Vehicle left unlocked in
        underground parking area entered and a radar detector, sunglasses, CD's,
        other misc taken.  Evidence of prying on door lock to parking garage

        6100 Dell Dr #4 between 11/1-11/14/03.  Window broken, but opening too
        small for entry to be gained.

        800 Jana La. on 11/16/03.  Garage entered and taken from a vehicle was
        a box for a new TV/DVD combo which, unbeknownst to the thief, contained
        an old 19" TV of no value!

        Underground Garage at 1600 Kings Mill Way on 11/16/03 overnight.
        Window on car smashed;  dashboard damaged in unsuccessful attempt to
        remove stereo.

        Underground Garage at 10 block Kings Mill Way on 11/16/03 overnight.
        Window on 3 cars were smashed;  Eclipse CD stereo, radar detector, and a
        2nd stereo (unk make) taken.

        1600 Ellen Dr between 12/1-12/5/03.  Unk entry (poss. through dog
        door);  2 Harley Davidson watches and $400 in coins.

        Georgiana Cir on 12/7/03 between 6-6:45pm.  Victims report someone
        entered through unlocked window and took Playstations and 3 of their 7,
        eight wk old Pit Bull puppies.

        Commercial Burglaries

        Marlin's Barber Shop, 3111 E. Washington Ave on 11/6/03 overnight.
        Window air conditioner unit pushed in;  cash and hair clippers taken.

         UW Bookstore, 4120 Monona Dr on 11/10/03 overnight.  No evidence of
        forced entry.  Cash from safe taken.

        Tailgators Sports Bar, 3737 E. Washington Ave on 11/13/03 at 3:30am.
        Officers responded to alarm, found forced entry to door;  cash taken.

        Toad Hill Coffeehouse, 4418 Milwaukee St. on 11/15/03 overnight.  Pried
        door to gain entry; food, beverages, numerous CD's, sm. amount of $
        taken.  Discarded stolen items recovered near Swanton and Thompson.

        Union Transfer & Storage, 5034 Voges Rd between 11/15-11/17/03.  Semi
        trailers entered by cutting locks;  Tools and moving equipment taken.

        Dental Offices, 4801 Cottage Grove Rd on 11/16/03.  No signs of forced
        entry.  Front doors found unlocked in early AM by employee.  Cash from
        lockbox taken.

        Movie Gallery, 4672 Cottage Grove Rd. on 11/24/03 at 2:50am.  Officers
        responded to alarm.  Found window shattered; Lock box and cash taken.

        ABF Freight System, 2510 Daniels St on over weekend (12/7).  Perimeter
        fence to yard cut and rolled back; empty freight trailers had the tops
        cut open;  nothing taken.


        Theft of Gun from Dorn Hardware, 209 Cottage Grove Rd between
        10/29-11/1/03.  Browning .243 Semi-auto rifle taken from locked display

        Theft at 149 Waubesa St. between 10/27-11/5/03.  Lock broken off MG&E
        gas corrector meter;  circuit board and battery pack removed.

        Theft from Coinbox/Vending machine at Mounds, 2110 S. Stoughton Rd on
        11/6/03 overnight.  Machine pried open

        Theft of Tire at 225 N. Thompson Dr on 11/7/03 overnight.  Rt. front
        tire taken off Ford Escort;  left on block.

        Theft from Auto at 200 Swanton Rd on 11/8/03 between 11:30-11:45pm.
        Trunk lock pried; 2 Alpine subwoofers, Kenwood amp, Explode stereo, and
        a canister of nitrous oxide taken.

        Theft from Auto at 2300 Daniels St on 11/11/03.  Doors unlocked;  tools

        Theft from Auto at 2600 S. Stoughton Rd on 11/12/03 overnight.  JVC CD
        stereo and CD's taken.

        Theft from Auto at 1000 Jana La. on 11/16/03 overnight.  Sony CD stereo

        Theft from Autos (4) on Lakeview Dr. and Morningside Ave. on 11/17/03
        overnight.  Vehicles found w/ doors ajar;  numerous CD's, JVC CD stereo,
        Boss amp, Audiovox car alarm, calculator, backpack, etc. taken.

        Theft form Auto at 4800 Kingsford on 11/18/03 over night.  Cell phone
        and change taken.

        Theft from Auto at 5200 Summer Ridge Dr on 11/19/03 overnight.  Window
        broken out w/ rocks;  purse taken.

        Theft from Auto at 600 Westwood Ct on 11/23/03 overnight.  Window
        smashed and 165 CD's taken.

        Theft from Auto at Diesel ARTs Towing, 2316 Daniels St on 11/28/03
        overnight.  Amber and red visor light package w/ control box and 4 rear
        red and amber mounted lights taken.

        Stolen wallet taken from Woodmans East on 12/05/03.  Victim believes
        she was distracted by a person who asked "what kind of cheese do you use
        to make lasagna?"  She suspects a second person grabbed her wallet from
        her purse while she was explaining.

        Theft from Auto  at Pedros, 3547 E. Washington Ave on 12/6/03
        overnight.  Window smashed; Eclipse CD stereo taken.

        Damaged Property

        Damage and Theft from Autos at the Park & Ride between 11/14-11/16/03:
        6 vehicles damaged or stolen from.

        Damaged Auto at 5100 Open Wood Way on 11/14/03.  Windows on Expedition
        broken out.

        Damaged Auto at 5300 Kevins Way on 11/14/03 overnight.  Bowling ball
        thrown through driver's window.

        Damaged Auto on 4700 Starker Ave on 11/16/03 at 9:10pm.  Windows broken
        out; neighbor observed 2 white males carrying bats, golf club or similar
        objects, run towards a white Chevy Corsica w/partial plate 845 as first
        three digits parked on Angel Crest Way.

        Damaged Auto at 500 Grandwood Ct on 11/24/03.  Window broken out.

        Kennedy Elementary School, 221 Meadowlark Dr between 11/21-11/24/03.  5
        windows were removed with 2 shattered; entry not believed to be made due
        to no alarms and nothing taken.

        Auto at Ammerman Cir. on 11/27/03 at 12:10am.  Victim observed 2 M's
        run and flee in mid 90's wht Chevy Corsica after smashing his car
        windows with bats.

        Vending Machine at Spohn's Warehouse Liquor, 2929 E. Washington Ave. on
        11/28/03 overnight.  Damage to Pepsi machine from apparent attempt to
        pry open.

        Broken window at 5600 Herro La on 11/30/03.  Res. awoke to a loud noise
         at ~1:15am.  Found a broken window the next morning from a landscaping
        rock thrown at it.

        Auto from 500 Whitehall Dr. on 12/02/03.  Rear window to 96 GMC pickup
        shattered by unknown object during the night.

        Auto at 800 N. Thompson Dr on 12/5/03 overnight.  2 vehicles belonging
        to the vic and a third vehicle belonging to his girlfriend had 2 tires
        each slashed/punctured

         Road Rage
        Occurred on Hy 30 on 11/9/03 at 3:30pm.  U.S. Postal Service employee
        reports after some back & forth traffic behavior between himself and the
        suspect, the suspect followed him into the employee area of the
        Milwaukee St Post Office.  After exiting his car, the postal employee
        observed the suspect pull out a small black semi auto handgun.  When the
        employee asked if he was going to shoot him, the suspect stated he now
        knew his face and would come back. Suspect desc: M/B, late 30's, 5'10",
        180  Vehicle: Mid '80's, (possibly Buick), maroon, 4dr, poor condition,
        possible first 3 digits of plate "CH6".

        Traffic incidents can be extremely dangerous encounters.  Don't engage
        a driver who exhibits aggressive behavior toward you.  Avoid responding
        with antagonistic behavior including "flipping" the person off,
        tailgating and slamming on your brakes.  You have no way of knowing if
        the other driver is armed with a dangerous weapon.  A better response is
        to create distance between your vehicle and the other driver by slowing
        down, changing lanes or turning off onto another road.  If the other
        driver continues to follow you, call the police (if you have a cell
        phone) or drive to an open store or gas station and ask the clerk to
        call the police.

        Stolen Christmas Lawn Ornament Recovered
        On 11/30, a resident of Acewood Blvd reported that their 8 foot high
        inflatable snowman had been stolen during the night.  While checking the
        area around his house, the resident found the stakes from the snowman
        and a wallet belonging to a 16 year old boy who lived a few blocks away.
         The officer contacted the boy, who admitted to the theft and returned
        the snowman. 

        Vending Machine Break Ins

        Det. Michelle Riesterer met with representatives from various vending
        machine businesses to discuss the ongoing problem occurring city-wide
        with vending machines being broken into and the coin boxes removed.
        (This cost the businesses in excess of $300,000 in damages and losses).
        She also became the "go to" person for pulling together information from
        the numerous cases and provided necessary information and updates to
        Patrol Officers leading to the eventual apprehension of the primary
        suspect.   Great job Michelle. 

        Traffic Enforcement

        On 11/26, traffic officers did speeding enforcement on 5100 block of
        Commercial between 7:20 am and 8:20 am.  During that hour, 13 citations
        were issued.

        October traffic enforcement in the East District by traffic officers is
        attached.  It is a Word document.

        Madison Police Policy and Procedure Manual

        If you have ever wondered about the policies and procedures that the
        Madison Police Department sets for its employees, you can now look at
        our policy manual on line.  The topics it covers includes: how we must
        dress when on duty, how we must act when on duty (and in some cases when
        off duty), when we can use force and how much force can be used, how we
        conduct certain investigations and how we respond when our employees are
        affected by traumatic incidents.  These are only a few of the policies
        and procedures.  You can look at our policy manual by going to
        www.cityofmadison.com. Click on "Agencies".  Then click on "Police"
        in the list on the left side.  Look for the Policy Manual in the list on
        the left side of our webpage.

        It's That Time of Year Again

        Every year, all commissioned employees take part in a re-assignment
        process.  Captains and Lieutenants, who are not members of the police
        union, serve at the pleasure of the Chief.  Each Fall, the Chief
        determines where each Captain and Lieutenant will work for the following

        For the East District, it has been determined that I will continue to
        serve as the Captain and Lieutenant Tom Snyder will continue to be in
        charge of the patrol operations.  Detective Lieutenant Sandy Theune has
        been re-assigned to the North District Detectives.  Her replacement in
        East District will be Lieutenant Sherrie Strand.  Sherrie had previously
        been the Officer in Charge of the night shift.  Thanks to Sandy for her
        dedicated work to the East District and welcome to Sherrie.

        The remaining commissioned personnel are members of the police union
        and their re-assignment is governed by contract.

        Detectives are allowed to pick their shift by seniority and express an
        interest in a specialty (the type of crime they investigate).  The
        detective assignments are made primarily by seniority, but we also
        consider the detective's skills and the needs of the Department.

        We will be adding one detective to our East District, bringing the
        total number of East Detectives to eight.  Four of our current
        detectives will be returning next year and four will be new to our

        Patrol Sergeants and officers pick their assignments by seniority.
        They are able to select the District they work in, the shift they work,
        the beat they ride and their day off rotation.  Patrol sergeants and
        officers work 6 days with 3 days off.  Obviously, the lower in seniority
        the officer is, the fewer choices they have in each of these areas.
        These assignments were made last week and will go into effect on Jan.

        The Darbo Neighborhood Officer will also change in January.  Many of
        you may be familiar with the current officer, Denise Markham.  Denise
        will be returning to patrol in the South District.  She will be replaced
        by Officer Greg Rossetti.  Greg has worked in the East District on the
        evening shift in the Darbo area and will also be able to provide
        exceptional service to this neighborhood.

        Officer Anh Sweeney will continue as the Educational Resource Officer
        assigned to LaFollette High School.

        In January, I will provide a list of the East District Personnel and
        their assignments.  I can assure you that once again the East District
        enjoys an exceptionally talented and dedicated group of sergeants,
        detectives and officers.

        That's all for now.  Hope your holidays are wonderful.
        Be careful.  Be safe.

        Captain Jilene Klubertanz
        East Police District
        Madison Police Department
        211 S. Carroll St.
        Madison, Wi 53703
        Office: 608-267-2100
        Fax:  608-267-8648
        Email: jklubertanz@...

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