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Fwd: SI KAHN: Organizing against For-Profit Private Prisons

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  • Rebecca Krantz
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      Subject: SI KAHN: Organizing against For-Profit Private Prisons
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      The Havens Center


      An Organizing Workshop by SI KAHN

      �Blood from Stones: Organizing against For-Profit Private Prisons�

      Thursday, December 1, 12:20 pm, Chadbourne Residential College, Main Lounge
      420 N. Park Street
      Open to the Public
      [parking available in the Lake Street ramp, located between University Ave. and State St.]
      Si Kahn has worked for 40 years as a civil rights, labor, and community organizer. He is executive director of Grassroots Leadership, a 25-year old progressive non-profit organization that works to abolish for-profit private prisons, jails, and detention centers. He is the author of How People Get Power, Organizing: A Guide for Grassroots Leaders, and most recently The Fox in the Henhouse: How Privatization Threatens Democracy (with Elizabeth Minnich). A songwriter and musician, Kahn is releasing his 15th CD �Blood from Stones� concurrently with The Fox in the Henhouse.
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