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GET INVOLVED: Dane County Buy Local Initiative

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  • Pamela Hathaway
    Information below, about the DCBLI next meeting and a small update. Great people are involved in this project. ph East Isthmus Neighborhoods Planning Council
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2005

      Information below, about the DCBLI next meeting and a small update.  Great people are involved in this project.  ph


      East Isthmus Neighborhoods Planning Council


      1321 East Mifflin Street #201 Madison, WI 53703

      (608) 204-0834     fax - 0835

      "Uniting and empowering east isthmus neighborhoods"

      ~Our Winter Fundraising Drive continues through March 2005. Thank you!~




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      Thursday, March 31, 2005 7:21 PM
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      Subject: Next DCBLI Community Breakfast meeting


      Hi everyone,


      Our next breakfast meeting is scheduled for Wednesday morning, April 13th

      7:45 am to 9:30 am

      Sunprint Cafe on the Square (Glass building)


      We have two local presenters talking about their business adventures:

      Kathleen Ley, the Wisconsin Kitchen Incubator Food Processing project; and

      Stephanie Rearick, Mother Fool's Cafe.


      We'll also show you the Buy local website, ask for your feedback, and share a proposed committee structure.


      There's been a lot going on since the last gathering:

      - window decals for members have arrived

      - we have a dedicated website: www.danebuylocal.com

      - we're establishing a committee structure

      - we/re developing a roster of future local business presenters


      Breakfast is now on your own; but if you know you''ll be attending, olease reply to this email so we can give Sunprint a head count and be assigned an adequate space.


      There's still room on the Steering Committee for anyone who wants to be more involved..


      Save June 8th on your calendars for the next bi-monthly Dane County Buy Local breakfast meeting.


      Josie Pradella


      222 8708

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