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CHANGE IN DOWNTOWN MEETING DATE * and Comprehensive Plan Update . . .

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  • Marsha Rummel
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      Subject: CHANGE IN DOWNTOWN MEETING DATE * and Comprehensive Plan Update . .

      > ** High Priority **
      > C O M P R E H E N S I V E P L A N U P D A T E
      > (if you have access to Adobe Acrobat Reader, try opening the attached
      > .pdf which provides you will a color version of this update that
      > includes public participation pictures)
      > The next Downtown Planning Meeting will be May 19th,
      > not May 12th as indicated in the most recent listserv message!
      > The final public meeting for the special planning effort on the
      > Downtown Component of the Comprehensive Plan will be held on May 19th at
      > the Civic Center Marquee Room (211 State Street). This meeting will be
      > the culmination of two months of focused work where downtown
      > stakeholders including residents, property owners, developers and civic
      > and cultural representatives discussed strategies for addressing issues
      > such as strengthening downtown as an employment center, balancing high
      > density housing with historic preservation, improving transportation
      > access to, from and within the downtown, and improving downtown as a
      > cultural and arts center. A Draft Advisory Report to the City, which
      > will include downtown plan recommendations, will be presented during the
      > meeting, with an opportunity for discussion and comments from meeting
      > participants. The kickoff meeting for the Downtown planning effort was
      > held March 24th, followed by a series of five Theme Workshops on March
      > 30th and 31st. Five focus groups were conducted the week of April 19th
      > to further refine the downtown planning recommendations that will be
      > included in the Advisory Report and used to help develop recommendations
      > for the Comprehensive Plan.
      > Mail Survey
      > In December of 2003, a Comprehensive Plan Mail Survey was sent to 1,248
      > Madison residents, 524 of who returned completed surveys for an
      > excellent response rate of 42 percent. The Survey found that most
      > citizens consider the quality of life in Madison to be good, traffic
      > congestion to be a problem, and protecting water quality to be a high
      > priority. On other planning issues, responses were often more mixed.
      > "For example," explains Brad Murphy, City Planning Unit Director,
      > "over 80 percent of respondents said that new development should
      > happen in or near already developed areas, yet almost half said that
      > they would oppose new apartment or condominium development in their
      > neighborhood. This indicates a need for additional discussions
      > regarding the location and character of higher density development."
      > As another example, finding housing they can afford was an important
      > concern for many Madison households, yet four out of five respondents
      > favored limiting development of farms and open space in Dane County,
      > even if it threatened to increase the cost of housing. The survey
      > revealed some differences of opinion between different groups of people.
      > A majority of respondents living in the central area of the City said
      > that they would support new retail development in their neighborhood,
      > even if it might increase traffic and parking demands, while a majority
      > of those living on the East and West sides said they would oppose it.
      > For a copy of the Survey Results Report (includes the Survey form),
      > contact the Planning and Development Department at 267-1131, or go to
      > the Comprehensive Plan website at www.madisonplan.org.
      > Discussion Kits
      > The Comprehensive Plan staff have developed a series of Discussion Kits
      > for use by groups that would like to host in-depth discussions about
      > important planning topics including growth and development, economic
      > development, housing, transportation, the environment, and community
      > design. To date, 14 discussions have been conducted with the kits.
      > Some of the groups that have participated or are planning to include: *
      > Independent Living * Kennedy Heights Neighborhood Association * Sherman
      > Neighborhood Association * Old Market Place Neighborhood Association *
      > Wright Middle School * Northside Communities of Faith * South Madison
      > Community Team * Park Street Partners * Friends of Monona Bay * the
      > River Alliance * and La Sup. *
      > Civic organizations, neighborhood associations, church groups, and
      > others are encouraged to host a discussion for their members and to
      > provide valuable feedback to the City's planning process. To request
      > a Discussion Kit, contact the Planning staff at 267-1131,
      > madisonplan@cityofmadison
      > Next Steps
      > From now into Summer 2004, the Comprehensive Plan staff will be
      > completing the Draft Comprehensive Plan for preliminary review during
      > City Committee and Commission work sessions. This will be followed by
      > wider distribution of a revised draft Plan and an extended public
      > comment period.
      > We will send you a version of this Comprehensive Plan Update at the
      > beginning of each month. Please look for our next edition on June 1st.
      > Thank you for your interest.
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