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Fw: RFP for the Study Circles Program

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  • Marsha Rummel
    ... From: Jule Stroick To: Cc: Annette Miller Sent: Wednesday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 6:21 PM
      Subject: RFP for the Study Circles Program

      > The City of Madison is sending out an RFP for the Study Circles Program.
      > For your information and distribution a copy of the RFP Ad has been
      > provided along with contact information for additional information.
      > Just in case someone in your community may be interested in applying.
      > ***********************************************************Please
      > contact Dave Johnson with questions, 266-4523 or Annette Miller
      > 266-4611.
      > ***********************************************************
      > REQUEST FOR BID #7639
      > The City of Madison, Mayor's Office, is seeking a qualified individual,
      > team, firm or organization to Develop and Further Manage a Community
      > Based Study Circles on Race Program. There have been 86 study circles
      > hosted with the City of Madison with approximately 300 graduates since
      > the inception of the program. It is the City of Madison's expectation
      > that the Study Circles program continue to grow graduates of the program
      > and that it maintain its candid and open dialogues about key public
      > issues, one of which is race. It is also the intent of the City that
      > study circles continue to encourage the participation and support of the
      > greater Madison community and its municipalities.
      > Study Circles are groups of people who agree to meet to explore and
      > discuss, as equals, a difficult social or political issue in a
      > democratic, collaborative way. Study Circles are candid and open
      > dialogues, voluntary and highly participatory. Participants consider a
      > wide range of views and seek to learn from one another. Study Circles
      > differ from typical public meetings in that they do not begin with
      > specific desired outcomes. Instead, they provide comfortable, safe
      > settings to encourage people to explore public issues without having to
      > defend particular positions. Because agreement is not the objective of
      > the discussions, people are free to engage in dialogue rather than
      > debate. Freedom from being pressured to adopt a certain position or
      > agree to a certain action step allows people to more openly explore the
      > kinds of action they would like to take. Experience from other
      > communities shows that the increased understanding of community concerns
      > and new community contacts that people develop through Study Circles
      > frequently results in collaboration and action.
      > Proposals are Due October 16, 2003.
      > Annette Miller
      > Assistant to the Mayor
      > Budget and Community Liaison
      > ____________________
      > Office of the Mayor
      > City County Building, Rm 403
      > Madison WI 53703-3345
      > Phone (608) 266-4611
      > Fax (608) 267-8671
      > TDD (608) 266-4443
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