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North Police DIstrict News, January 3, 2003

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  • Mike Masterson
    Introduction: The North Police District Newsletter is distributed electronically to district employees, area alder persons and other elected officials,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2003
      The North Police District Newsletter is distributed electronically to district employees, area alder persons and other elected officials, business associations, school principals, media, north side planning council members, neighborhood association leaders, North Neighborhood Resource Team members, East Neighborhood Resource Team members, interested citizens and command staff of the Madison Police Department. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide information about activities, events, incident reports and criminal cases occurring in the district and to share insight with people outside the organization about our policies and procedures with an emphasis on how and why decisions are made affecting safety, government's capacity to deal with problems, and neighborhood livability.

      There are 25 neighborhood associations and 3 business associations represented in the North District. Some of the information shared in the newsletter is intended to serve as feedback to those associations on enforcement or problem solving efforts. A primary goal of decentralized police service is that police will be more attentive , and responsive to the small matters before they become a major crisis. Some of the information shared may seem to be very minor to some readers who may live in another neighborhood. We don't minimize complaints of any neighborhood be it noise, trash, traffic, animal related, parks closed violations, parking or serious crime. We also will not neglect the serious cases that have the potential to erode the perception of safety in our neighborhoods, leaving residents in fear.

      Since most major crimes are covered by local media, we generally don't repeat the details here. We also don't include a specific address of occurrence, identify names of people involved, or provide a full account of the incident or problem.

      We are always open to improving the services we provide to north side residents. Your comments can be emailed to me or, if you wish to speak in person, call me at 245-3652.

      The North Police District is one of five geographic areas served by the Madison Police Department. You may see the boundaries of the district by visiting this website. You will also find prior newsletters posted at this site. http://www.ci.madison.wi.us/police/north.html

      Frantic Moms, missing daughters
      Probably the worst types of cases officers must deal with anytime, let alone the Holidays are missing children. During the week of Dec 6th Officers responded to School road to investigate a 13 year old girl who had left her residence walking the dog and had not returned by 10pm. She had been walking her dog and decided to vist a friend. She retuned home safe but not after a rather large search plan had being made involving many officers.

      The second case was a town of Madison mom who showed up at east high school on Thursday, dec 12 in a panic claiming her 14 year old daughter, a freshman at east, had been abducted by drug dealers and was being held at a east side motel. the girl had originally been reported as missing to the Town. Officers Russell and Kinney responded to East High School where they investigated the woman's complaint and checked the entire east side for the girl's whereabouts. they didn't find her that afternoon but later that evening officers found the girl near Vera Court and returned her to the family. The parents the next day called police again to report that while she was missing the 18 year old man with whom she was with had sex. Since the ages involved are 14 and 18 , sexual contact with or without consent is illegal. That investigation is being handled by Det Marianne Statz and a warrant will be issued for the man.

      Missing Passport
      02-152684 missing from the Job Center on Aberg Avenue on December 12th a passport belonging to a man from Ghana. Was in brown envelope with family pictures.

      Spoiling the spirit of Christmas
      The following are selected reports, from many of Christmas decorations damaged or destroyed during the latest Holiday Season:

      02-151154, 1000 Northland Drive on December 8th five lawn ornaments were discovered scattered on the front lawn. electrical cords were taped together making it difficult to steal. resident also reports same thefts in past two years.

      02-150808, 4400 Maryland, two lighted and "animated" reindeer were intentionally knocked over and trashed. Resident reports next door neighbor also had decoration damaged the night before.

      02-151176, 1400 Nevada Rd. December 11th, lights pulled off head of reindeer, head partially detached from body, one lighted statute of Joseph "uprooted and pushed to ground".

      02-152226, same address, Dec 13th , barking dogs alerted homeowner, lighted santa and train damaged as well as two deer and lighted toy soldier.

      02-154632, a santa and snowman, each valued at $20 were taken from the front steps of a home in the 1800 block of Aberg.

      False 911 Calls
      02-154179, 03-021, 02-157615 and Fire #02-36787 were all cases of false 911 calls being made to the 911 Emergency Center from a cell phone on 12.31.02 after 11pm. One call was the report of a man trapped under a chest of drawers that had fallen on him. 4 Madison Police officers, 1 Sgt., along with an engine and ambulance responded. Madison Fire responded earlier to the same area, 2700 Coolidge Street, for a unfounded car fire. I've requested a copy of the caller's voice, a female, to see if officers can recognize the voice. All calls came from a cell phone. Cell phone numbers are not listed in the dispatch center. Not yet, anyway.

      Arrests made in Stolen Car.
      There have been an increasing number of theft from auto reports in the apartment area around Independence Lane, Melody, Forest Run , east gate cinema and high crossing blvd. auto dealership areas. It's not unusual as cars are parked outside and very accessible to would be thieves. On 1-1-03 at 4:33pm a woman on independence lane reported her 1989 Camry was missing. At 7:15pm another officer spotted the vehicle near Hwys 51 and 151. Two teenagers were arrested and charged with OMVWOC.

      Theft Investigation in Basil Drive area.
      On 12.26.02 at 3:57am Officers were sent to the 3300 block of Basil drive for a possible theft of Christmas decorations. The neighbor reporting the incident did not want police contacting them. The suspect vehicle, a dark color Toyota Corolla with a loud muffler was seen leaving the area. Officers didn't find it. At 4:30am the citizen called back but refused contact again. Officers found the car this time with several teenagers setting up Christmas decorations in a lawn. A lengthy investigation revealed the following: a 14 year old was cited for his 2nd offense, operating a motor vehicle without a license [second offense is a crime] , decorations taken from a residence in the 3300 block of Clove. The boys apologized to the homeowner and returned the decorations to the lawn. The father of the 14 year old was contacted by officers and was unaware his son took the family car. Parents were not home for another 16 year old who was with the group but not involved in this incident. The boys admitted they were playing a prank on a fellow east high student living in the area.

      Quick change scam
      02-152056 theft from warner park quick mart, 3100 N. Sherman Avenue, on Dec. 15th a man described as "older African American, in his mid to late 40's , 5'8, 150 pounds wearing a black varsity jacket with gray arms and gray sweat pants entered the store and pulled out a large roll of us currency. the man asked for change for a fifty, then used a one dollar bill and some change from his pockets to buy a bag of jolly ranchers candy. the man then quickly pushed the remaining paper currency forward with other change and requested a one hundred bill. the store does have video of the suspect and we'll be looking at finding out his name.

      Don't leave Pets in cars
      First, it's not fair to the pets, second it's against city ordinance (24.04 (5) to leave an animal in a parked car for more than fifteen minutes. A 29 year old Mauston woman left her car parked behind a home in the 2100 block of East Johnson Street on Dec 21. The dog was observed in the car at 4:45 and was barking. The dog was also "whining and scratching" according to the citizen reporting this to police. At 6:49 officers responded to the residence to investigate and issued the woman a city ordinance citation for the violation. 02-154472

      Illegal Dumping, 1801 Aberg Avenue
      02-156398, officers responded to the Job Center lot where they discovered 30 plastic bottles ranging in size from 16 oz to a gallon believed to contain diesel/kerosene fuel. City Engineering arrived as well as Madison Fire. Bottles were collected by city engineering.

      Surveys Available
      If you recall, last spring our department conducted a survey in various neighborhoods throughout the city on safety, physical condition of the neighborhood, the effectiveness of property owners and the police, etc. The survey has been broken down to neighborhood responses and include Truax, Vera Court, Northport Packers, Carpenter/Ridgeway and in the North District. . If you are interested in seeing the results, check our website at www.ci.madison.wi.us police then north police district.

      Bits and Pieces
      Repeat complaints of loud car stereo's in the area of Kennedy Road and American Ash.

      30 speeding tickets issued on 12/05 in the 1400 block of wright street by the TEST unit.

      Significant Crimes
      Armed Robbery: 610 North St., Knife was used, Suspect: M/B, 30s, green parka,gray sweatshirt, blk pants. 148677

      Villa Tap 2302 Packers Ave

      Wiggies 1901 Aberg Ave.

      700 Dexter St.

      3100 Ridgeway Ave.

      Millon Treasure Island 167 East Towne Mall

      Beware of Telephone scams
      A couple in their 80's fell victim to a scam where the caller said they had won the publisher's prize and they needed to send money , via western union to pay the taxes on the prize before they received it. Nearly $12, 000 was sent in four installments. They'll likely not recover any of the money. The case has been sent to the FBI and to the State Attorney General's Office for follow-up.

      Underage Drinking
      The last week of school before Holiday break usually brings an increase in underage drinking. Teens or young adults rent a motel room for the night and invite many friends to join them. Our district is particularly impacted because of the large number of motels along East Washington Avenue. Last year our night officers, 11p-7a, were called to several motels because of loud parties. As they knocked on the doors kids were jumping from second floor windows to avoid being caught. One senior at East High received multiple fractures to her foot.

      This year, anticipating more parties, Police Officer Mike Martin stopped at the front desk of each motel and advised them of this ritual. The motels agreed to implement stricter preventative measures to avoid renting to what could turn out to be illegal underage drinking parties. First, they will require a credit card in a person's name for those 21 and younger. Those renting will be required to provide the names of expected guests. Persons found in violation of the guests policy may be asked to leave. The motels will be requiring a $300 cash security deposit for persons paying cash. {1-3-02. The pre-work seemed to pay off as we had no complaints or parties}.

      Officers were assigned to East High throughout the night to patrol the property to prevent vandalism. Two senior girls were observed by officers writing with chaulk on the school. Parents wree notified and they missed their senior dance as they were suspended for three days.

      Five more officers were available in school starting at 6am on Friday 12.20 to assist staff in making sure the last day of school was peaceful and safe. While I was there one parent mentioned to me that 25 years ago, seniors would bring tricycles to school and ride them to their classes.

      Timely News release
      WASHINGTON -- Young Americans are exposed to more television commercials
      for beer than for sneakers, gum, or jeans, according to a study released

      Young people ages 12 to 20 saw two beer ads for every three beer ads adults
      saw aired on programs viewed primarily by adults, the Center on Alcohol
      Marketing and Youth at Georgetown University found.

      The study analyzed $811 million spent on alcohol advertising on TV during
      2001, representing 208,909 ads that were placed on network, cable and local
      broadcast outlets.

      Underage viewers were more likely than adults of legal drinking age to have
      been exposed to a quarter of the 208,909 commercials aired.

      Beer and ale advertising on TV amounted to $695 million.

      Roughly 18,000 ads were for beer, compared with 10,000 for sneakers, 16,000
      for gum and 4,000 for jeans, the research found.

      The analysis included information from Competitive Media Reporting and
      Nielsen Media Research.

      Fraud Prevention
      Persons who commit fraud have somewhat different demographic characteristics than most other types of criminals. 43% of those arrested for fraud are female, which is far greater than the proportion of females arrested for other crimes. Approximately 41%of fraud arrests are for middle aged persons (30-50 yrs old). Of fraud arrest, 85% are white and 16% are black. Thus, of persons arrested for fraud, they are generally older, white and a significant proportion are female.

      Con Games-The following are some common con games in Madison:

      --"Bank Examiner" Scam

      There are many versions of this con game, but the basic premise is the same. A person posing as a bank or law enforcement official will ask a victim to make a withdrawal from a bank account in order to detect wrongdoings at the bank or to catch a criminal. Most often, the culprit makes telephone contact at home. After identifying himself as the bank examiner of law enforcement officer who is investigating a dishonest employee at the victim's bank, he requests the victim to make a cash withdrawal and to meet him at a predetermined location.

      How to avoid:
      --Do not discuss finances with strangers.
      --Do not withdraw money on the advice of strangers.
      --Immediately report to the police or your bank's security department anyone telephoning and claiming he is a bank examiner.

      Under no circumstances will bank officials, police, or the FBI request you to withdraw funds.

      --Home Improvement Frauds

      Discount roof cleaning, driveway repairs, electrical work, and plumbing repairs are common scams. Some like to prey on the elderly by quoting an extremely low price for jobs and upon completion demand a higher price.

      How to avoid:
      --Check out contractors with Better Business Bureaus and state or local licensing agencies.
      --Do not be pressured into signing any agreements or contracts.
      --Take bids for the work from several contractors.
      --Never sign a certificate of completion unless all work is performed to your satisfaction.
      --Always fill out checks yourself.
      --Never sign and give a contractor a blank check.
      --All work to be completed must be in the contract. "Promised Work" is not valid for a complaint.

      --Credit Card Fraud

      Credit card frauds continue to increase. The most common consumer oriented frauds are:
      --Imprinting a larger amount than the actual purchase.
      --Imprinting two vouchers---one for the actual transaction, the other to be used later when a fraudulent amount is entered, a signature is forged, and the voucher is submitted for payment.
      --Using valid credit card numbers obtained from the carbon paper inserts of the voucher for mail or phone orders.

      How to avoid:
      --Compare the imprinted and handwritten amounts before signing.
      --Retain all vouchers and reconcile your account monthly.
      --Retain and destroy all carbon paper inserts.
      --Report lost cards immediately.
      --never leave mail open

      Speeding concerns on Northport Drive, an email from a citizen

      Westbound from Troy Dr., I very rarely see vehicles driving the speed
      limit 35 mph. Usually I witness rates of 40-55 mph.
      Eastbound from Hwy 113, I often see vehicles cruising through the
      Knutson Dr intersection @ 55 +.

      I bring this to your attention because I travel Northport quite regularly
      during the week days, evening and week-ends. I'm concerned because these are accidents waiting to happen.

      Naked man running in the 500 block of Northport Drive
      on 12.13.02 at 8:45am 5 officers responded to the Woodlands apt complex to investigate a report of a naked man running around the complex. 02-151120 and 02-150397) A man was eventually found in the complex, dressed and no one could positively say it was him for sure.

      Aggressive behavior leads to ticket- 3700 East Washington Avenue
      on 12.24 at 10:18pm a retired detective was shopping in the area and observed a man urinating on a parked car at Walgreen's. The same suspect had been "aggressively panhandling" and had been observed following a woman to her vehicle. 02-155436. Officers found the man behind the store. He had an open bottle of whiskey in his possession. 49 year old Patrick Morado was issued a city ordinance ticket and conveyed to the Dane County Jail.

      Phone Scam- Third Party Pay Call.
      I was speaking with a woman I'll call Mrs. N, because she prefers I not disclose her identify. Mrs N has not filed a police report but has been urged to do so. She probably won't. She is retired and her daughter was recently married. Mrs N answered the telephone early one morning (around 1:30am) and was greeted by an operator who asked her if she would accept the charges for call. She then said, I don't understand because no name had been given. The operator then said the first names of her daughter and son in law. she panicked thinking something was wrong and said yes, thinking she was going to talk to them. Nope. She ended up holding a voiceless telephone wondering what was going on. She hung up and , although she was very worried, tried to get back to sleep. About 30 minutes later she received another call and was told the first call didn't go through. the operator told her another call was being placed and asked if she would authorize the same request. This time Mrs. N said no. Mrs N remained on the phone and spoke with the helpful operator who tried to explain what was going on. The operator mentioned to her that someone was committing fraud to make these calls using her home number to pay for the calls. The operator then added that the scam is done in the middle of night when you are not thinking clearly.

      She reported this suspicious telephone call to her phone company and they told her it was a popular scam where she had approved a collect call to a casino in Henderson, Nevada. the bill amount was $33. Mrs N believes the suspect read a recent news article on her daughters wedding and looked up their phone number in the directory. She discussed the incident with a very helpful customer service representative and was told that she would not be responsible for the bill. She was told, if you get a charge for this call, notify us and we'll take care of it. Mrs. N got her name and thanked her. End of story, that's what Mrs N. thought.

      In checking her regular monthly bill, Mrs N discovered the $33 charge. She called the telephone company back and was referred to a supervisor. The supervisor told Mrs N. she was responsible for the $33 charge as it was made from a payphone. When Mrs N mentioned she had spoken to a helpful service representative she was told that employee had been reprimanded for making that promise.

      Mrs. N asked me what she should do. I advised her to file reports with police then with the PSC. Mrs N believes that people should be told if the call is a collect call to them from a person or if it a third party pay call. That would make too much sense.

      Fraud On Restaurant Innkeeper
      I've previously contacted Denny's management at 1798 Thierer Road about dash and dine issues requesting they issue the check when the order is served rather than wait for the end of the meal to present the check.

      Denny's corporate management apparently told their store managers that was a discriminatory practice and they would not allow it. That same advice was offered by an officer in training just last week in his assessment of another call. It seems like a reasonable solution to a problem. ALL CUSTOMERS, after a certain hour are presented with a check when their meal are served and asked to pay the server. Gas stations have pre-pay after certain hours.

      On 12.27 at 3:56am four officers responded to the restaurant because an employee said there were about 20 people who were about to fight. Officers arrived there and observed cars leaving but no fighting. (02-155972) The disturbance was once again over customers who had come from partying at the Club Hilltop, [westside Madison) and didn't think they should have to pay for the full price of their food. One man placed a twenty dollar bill on the counter and said that was all he was paying. When the cashier went to get the manager and returned, she found the money gone, the food gone and the man gone. No suspect's names or car descriptions.

      The store has a solution. They plan on having two managers work Thursday nights, Friday mornings when the after party crowds join them.

      (P.S. The westside Denny's last year had made a business decision not to remain open 24 hours a day. Just recently, the store experimented with remaining open 24 hours but after a brief two week trial has abandoned those plans.)

      Special Acknowledgement
      Although we are proud of all of our staff here at the North District and could talk about the dozens of citizen compliments and commendations received throughout the year, we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize one individual for his outstanding contribution to policing our community.

      Det. Vic Heitzkey has been a property crime investigator for over 2 decades, and has been responsible for solving hundreds of crimes. Burglaries to a private residence or business are very personal crimes that often times leave victims feeling very vulnerable and living in fear. Prompt follow-up investigation where suspects are identified and arrested help to reduce those concerns. Detective Heitzkey has worked each case he is assigned with the same determination and care for his victims.

      Supervisors and colleagues alike have been particularly impressed with the sensitivity and compassion he has shown to others in his work. Last year, for instance, when an elderly couple had their uninsured travel trailer stolen, Detective Heitzkey painstakingly followed up on clues and eventually identified the perpetrators who were living in northern Wisconsin. Detective Heitzkey coordinated his investigation with DNE, DCSO, FBI, and Task Force, in recovering the trailer, which was tied to a major drug investigation, and was able to return the trailer to the elated victims. His investigation led him to northern Wisconsin where he ultimately drafted search warrants to recover stolen property in that northern county.

      Detective Heitzkey has a balanced approach to both technology and people skills in all of his investigations. He is equally comfortable obtaining information from computers or working a network of street informants willing to provide information. Detective Heitzkey routinely checked pawn shops for stolen property and names of people, and on many occasions has spotted stolen goods. His excellent knowledge of criminals, their backgrounds, and associates has enabled him to be an effective investigator who has demonstrated his crime solving ability time after time. He most recently was involved in several arson investigations to businesses and homes along East Washington Avenue. The Fire/Arson Team arrested a suspect who was just sentenced on 12.23.02 to a 16 year sentence with three years of incarceration.

      Detective Heitzkey is nearing the end of a 27½ year career with the Madison Police Department and is retiring on January 6, 2003. Although he has received the personal thanks of his many victims; been the recipient of Department commendations and the 2002 Blue Star Award for Meritorious Service; he deserves one last mention for a superb public service career. Thanks Vic and enjoy your well deserved retirement.

      I hope you find this newsletter useful. If you have any suggestions for improvement; topics you would like to see covered, or problems or concerns in your neighborhood please don't hesitate to contact us. If we can't provide direct assistance, we will direct you to the appropriate city or county agency having the authority to deal with that issue.

      Thanks, Captain Mike Masterson
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