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vermont and gay rights

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  • Becky Steinhoff
    ... From: Sarah Greenfield To: The Manske Family ; Susan Maybeck ; Shirley Louise Pudney
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2000
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      > Dear friends,
      > I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but I'm willing to try and hope
      > Sarah (7/3/00)
      > Subject: Important Petitioin
      > Date: Monday, June 26, 2000 4:40 PM
      > Dear Friends,
      > As you may have heard, the Supreme Court of Vermont recently ruled
      > that committed homosexual relationships should have the same rights and
      > privileges afforded to married straight couples. There are more than
      > 1,000 rights that come with marriage which are currently denied to gay
      > couples including hospital visitation/medical decisions, rights of
      > survivorship, filing joint tax returns, etc. This is a very important
      > first step toward equality in America.However, the Governor's office of
      > Vermont has been BOMBARDED with phone calls by anti-gay individuals
      > opposing the recent decision --primarily fueled by the "Doctor" Laura
      > radio program which gave out the phone number. When I called the
      > governor's office, where the secretary was VERY nice but said that I
      > was one of only a HANDFUL of callers who SUPPORT this huge step towards
      > equal rights.
      > Please add your name to the following list. COPY this into a new
      > e-mail,and send it to your friends. When the list reaches 25 people,
      > send it to: lt gov@... COPY and Paste into a new email with
      > your name added, then send it to whoever cares for equality.
      > ==================================================
      > Dear Lieutenant Governor Douglas A. Racine,
      > We the undersigned support your move to have equal rights for same-sex
      > partners. You have taken a historic step towards mending the many
      > fractures that divide our society. The following list is composed of
      > people from all walks of life, from straight to gay. We
      > support Vermont's decision to grant equal rights to same-sex couples.
      > Thank you for your continued support and your forward-thinking politics.
      > 1) Nancy Young, 206 Melrose St. Rochester NY 14619
      > 2) Darryll Young, 206 Melrose St. Rochester NY 14619
      > 3) R. Bruce Colburn, 92 Hickory St. Rochester, NY 14620
      > 4) Isabel Morrison, 87 Marlborough Rd. Rochester NY 14619
      > 5) Marie E. Gibson 104 Albemarle St. Rochester, NY 14613
      > 6) Margaret J. Meeker 104 Albemarle St. Rochester, NY 14613
      > 7) Joy A. Bergfalk, 2071 Westfall Road, Rochester, NY 14618
      > 8) Sarah Greenfield, 39 Rawlinson Road, Rochester, NY 14617
      > Originator:
      > Epbear@...
      > > R. Bruce Colburn
      > > Downtown United Presbyterian Church
      > > 121 N. Fitzhugh St.
      > > Rochester, NY 14620
      > > (716)325-4000, x15
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