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North Police District News, April 1, 2002

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  • Mike Masterson
    Introduction: The North Police District Newsletter is distributed electronically to district employees, area alder persons and other elected officials,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
      The North Police District Newsletter is distributed electronically to
      district employees, area alder persons and other elected officials,
      business associations, north side planning council members, neighborhood
      association leaders, North Neighborhood Resource Team members, East
      Neighborhood Resource Team members, interested citizens and command
      staff of the Madison Police Department. The purpose of this newsletter
      is to provide information about activities, events, incident reports and
      criminal cases occurring in the district and to share insight with
      people outside the organization about our policies and procedures with
      an emphasis on how and why decisions are made affecting safety,
      government's capacity to deal with problems, and neighborhood

      There are 25 neighborhood associations and 3 business associations
      represented in the North District. Some of the information shared in
      the newsletter is intended to serve as feedback to those associations on
      enforcement or problem solving efforts. A primary goal of
      decentralized police service is that police will be more attentive , and
      responsive to the small matters before they become a major crisis. Some
      of the information shared may seem to be very minor to some readers who
      may live in another neighborhood. We don't minimize complaints of any
      neighborhood be it noise, trash, traffic, animal related, parks closed
      violations, parking or serious crime. We also will not neglect the
      serious cases that have the potential to erode the perception of safety
      in our neighborhoods, leaving residents in fear.

      Since most major crimes are covered by local media, we generally
      don't repeat the details here. We also don't include a specific address
      of occurrence, identify names of people involved, or provide a full
      account of the incident or problem.

      We are always open to improving the services we provide to north side
      residents. Your comments can be emailed to me or, if you wish to speak
      in person, call me at 245-3652.

      The North Police District is one of five geographic areas served by the
      Madison Police Department. You may see the boundaries of the district
      by visiting this website. You will also find prior newsletters posted
      at this site. http://www.ci.madison.wi.us/police/north.html

      Senseless Damage
      50+ windows were broken at Sandburg School on Donald Drive over the
      weekend. There were other reports of home and car windows being smashed
      as well. Residents turned in a baseball bat and table leg which may
      have been used to smash the windows.

      Several windows were broken at Blackhawk Middle School on Wyoming Way
      last week. The school was also "egged" on two occasions over spring

      East Bluff condo's reports windows in at least three homes shot with a
      bb gun breaking windows, glass doors, and porch lights. Damage is
      occurring during day time hours when residents are working.

      These cases are particularly frustrating for both residents and
      officers. They are random acts of violence, and as such, are difficult
      to predict or set up surveillance on. Our best resource in these cases
      are alert neighborhood residents willing to call police when they hear
      breaking glass or see something suspicious. In one of the cases, a
      resident observed a person running through their back yard and entering
      a parked car on the street. The car remained on the street for a while
      before driving off. We will be meeting with the East Bluff Homeowners,
      at their request, in the near future to discuss ways the neighborhood
      can work with us to solve this vandalism.

      Possible Enticement
      on 3.27.01 two ten year old girls playing with their dog in a backyard
      in the 5300 block of Comanche Way heard the dog barking near the door so
      they went inside and saw a man standing at their front door. The man
      called the one girl by her first name and asked if she was okay. The
      man said he had just set up a trampoline and asked her if she "wanted to
      come over". The girl replied no and the suspect walked to his truck and
      left. The suspect is described as a white, male 30-40 years of age, 6' ,
      heavy build , short gray/brown hair and facial stubble. His truck was
      described as older model, possibly a Ford f150 pickup, creme in color.
      Any information on case 2002-032494 should be directed to Det Vicki
      Anderson at 243-5258.

      Drug arrest
      On 3.20.02 at approximately 10:45am Madison Police Officers arrested a
      16-year-old East High School student for distribution of a controlled
      substance at East and Malcolm Shabazz High Schools. The juvenile was
      distributing prescription drugs he had obtained, in his name, over the
      last two months to his friends. It was determined through the
      investigation that he had given out 140 adderale pills, 26 Ritalin and
      51 Lithiobed. An additional supply of pills were also seized by police.
      It appears at this time that only two or three of the suspect's friends
      accepted the drugs.

      The student was charged with ss 961.41 (b) , 961.49 (b) 6, and 947.01
      He was taken to the Juvenile Reception Center.

      Special Duty Employment
      You may have seen uniformed police officers at East Towne Mall, Madison
      High School dances and sporting events, UW football games, directing
      traffic for special events or on walking MATC campuses. Local
      businesses contact the chief's office and make a request for officers to
      work in a special duty capacity. They sign a contract with the City and
      pay the city $24.20 each hour the officer works. This amount includes
      all benefits as well as costs associated with administering the program.
      The police officer works for the CITY in their official capacity and
      cannot enforce school policy violations, mall rules, etc.

      The additional presence of a uniformed officer allows for faster
      service to the company employing them. For instance, there are at least
      15 handicapped parking stalls at Madison Area Technical College, Truax
      campus that some unauthorized people like to take advantage of. Instead
      of waiting for a 15-20 minute response from a parking enforcement
      officer, the police officer can issue a citation to the handicapped
      parking violator immediately. Special duty employment allows us to
      provide additional police services to the community but not at the
      expense of the taxpayer.

      Streets Division Upcoming Events
      First, we will be holding our annual home compost bin sale on Saturday
      April 13th. Complete information is available at

      We have also scheduled three home composting classes. Details are
      available at www.ci.madison.wi.us/streets/CompostClasses.htm

      We have also set up our sixth Computer Recycling Roundup. Details are
      available at www.ci.madison.wi.us/streets/ComputerRoundup.html

      Finally, we have just mailed out the 2002-2004 edition of the City of
      Madison Recyclopedia. Many of you will have already received it in the
      mail. If you did not get one, please respond to this e-mail and I'll
      send you one via inter-d mail.

      Speed Board
      The speed board is the device you have probably seen along the side of
      the street. It measures the speed of approaching traffic and displays
      the speed in large numbers. Your neighborhood group can request the
      speed board in a number of ways.
      Daytime Use:
      The crossing guard supervisors coordinate use of our speed board. You
      can contact them at 266-4703. They are able to bring the trailer out,
      set it up and retrieve the trailer at the end of the day. The times are
      limited to their hours, roughly 6:30a - 2p. They must approve the
      location for the speed board. It requires legal parking on the street.
      Evening Use:
      The test officers can set the trailer up during afternoon and evening
      hours. You can contact me to make those arrangements.
      Portable Board for Extended Use:
      We also have a portable board that a representative from your group can
      pick up. It can sit on the trunk of a car or on its own stand. It
      weighs about 50 lbs. Someone must be present at all times, to ensure
      the board is not stolen. Contact the crossing guard supervisors for
      pick up and instruction on its use.
      Traffic Engineering's Board:
      Traffic Engineering also has a speed board for your use. You can visit
      their website for information:
      You can call 266-4761 to make arrangement for their speed board.

      This message is to make you aware of the upcoming Spring Police Auction
      which will be held at the Dane County Expo Center (Alliant Center) on
      April 13th, starting at 8:00 AM. The Spring auction is always held in
      conjunction with other Dane County Law Enforcement Agencies and offers
      many bicycles and general property items ranging from jewelry to
      clothing, consumer electronics and sporting goods - last Fall we had
      boats and canoes. For full details and a complete list of items offered
      by the Madison Police Department, go to the City website
      www.ci.madison.wi.us. Choose agencies, police and the link to the
      auction. The list is semi-live, being updated on a weekly basis.

      Don't forget to block out time for this event - there are lots of great
      deals. Watch for another announcement the week of the auction.

      Saturday, April 6, 2002
      9:00am - 3:00pm

      Bits and Pieces
      On 3.22 around 4:30pm a passenger in a light brown "small, boxy
      looking" vehicle displaying partial WI plate 243- picked up a plastic
      garbage container as the vehicle drove down the 2500 block of Upham
      Street and threw it at another parked car. (2002-30764) Minor damage to
      the car.

      On 3.22 around 7:09am Officer Jim Milton took a report of a parked car
      in the 1100 block of Wheeler Road being egged. The car owner reports
      the car was egged overnight and believes it was associated with a
      telephone calls she received about 11pm. (2002-30564). The car owner
      said she did not wish to pursue a complaint at this time. (the owner
      later changed her mind and officers located the suspect and issued him a

      On 3.21 at 8:30pm Officer Julie Johnson investigated a suspicious
      person report in the 10 block of N. Third Street. A stranger
      approached the resident of a home asking for money because their car had
      run out of gas. When the homeowner recognized the person from using the
      same line last week in an attempt to get money, she confronted the
      suspect with the above and he fled on foot. (2002-31553)

      On 3.15.02 at 11pm Officers Jason Sweeney and Jeff McPike stopped a
      vehicle in the 1900 block of Huxley street and their investigation
      resulted in the recovery of a handgun and thc. The driver was charged
      with both offenses and issued misdemenaor citations then released.
      Officers returned the $1590.00 in cash he had in separate pockets
      becasue they could not show he was selling drugs. (2001-28131)

      $455 worth of Mobil gas cards were stolen from the Mobil Mart on Shopko
      Drive on 3.24.02. One female is seen distracting the clerk while the
      other removes a plastic display case and steals the cards. (2002-31660)
      The cards had already been activated and had individual serial numbers.
      You would think the technology exists to cancel the serial numbers and
      render the cards invalid to make purchases.

      2200 Columbus Lane three vehicles parked on the street had their
      drivers side windows broken on 3.24.02 around 8pm. (2002-31875)

      On 3.24.02 around 3pm Officer Steve Chvala responded to Cherokee Lake
      for a report of a man who fell through the ice. He did, and neighbors
      were already there with a rope and truck to assist him.

      On 3-31-02 Officer Jim Milton arrested a man burglarizing a business of
      Roth Street.

      I hope you find this newsletter useful. If you have any suggestions for
      improvement; topics you would like to see covered, or problems or
      concerns in your neighborhood please don't hesitate to contact us. If
      we can't provide direct assistance, we will direct you to the
      appropriate city or county agency having the authority to deal with that

      Thanks, Captain Mike Masterson
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