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What are your "bottom lines" regarding Union Corners?

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  • Joe Mingle
    Hello, all! Many of you have likely seen Alder Rummel s summation of where things are at with the Gorman proposal for Union Corners. A copy of the proposed
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2013
    Hello, all!

    Many of you have likely seen Alder Rummel's summation of where things are at with the Gorman proposal for Union Corners.  A copy of the proposed site plan is attached just so you have it.  If you need other information regarding the proposal or process, I'm happy to share whatever I can so please don't hesitate to ask.

    Gorman partner Joe Schwenker from Evergreen Consulting is helping lead the community engagement process as things move forward.  I've been sharing info and ideas with him and feel very confident he is open to hearing community expectations and preferences regarding the site.  Currently, because of the way the approval process works, not much can be changed on the site plan as currently proposed.

    Nevertheless, some changes may be possible after the initial approval process lurches forward.  In addition, we may be able to provide new ideas and innovative solutions to improve the final outcome at the site, right?  So, I'm asking each of you to have another look at the physical layout of the space and share any thoughts or concerns you have about the plan.

    At the most basic level, does it look ok to you?  Are there obvious things missing or something big that we've all somehow overlooked?  Are there things or features we'll be wanting that we should throw out there as the process unfolds?  There are a lot of other issues we might want to explore regarding uses and what will happen once the site is developed but, for now, I'm especially keen to hear people's thoughts on the physical layout and use of the space.

    Some of you have already forwarded great comments and analysis on some these questions.  Everyone's ideas and opinions are valuable and important in this process so don't be bashful about saying your piece.  Feel free to email me directly with any ideas, suggestions or concerns you have regarding the site, yes?

    Of course, the development won't be perfect and won't include everything we might hope for or want.  But, I do believe we can actually influence the process and help maximize the potential at the site.  If any community in the world is likely to help create a new, model development process where the community is engaged in an on-going way, it's the Madison's Eastside, doncha' think?  So, have at it and let me know your thoughts!


    Joe Mingle


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