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41951st and Winnebago Neighborhood Mtg

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  • Michael Rewey
    Jul 6, 2005
      To all.

      I was unable to attend the meeting regarding the Krupp
      development meeting and I am not a neighbor, but I would like to
      pass on a few comments related to biking.

      First Street:
      Narrowing the street is good, part of it is marked out already. In
      2006 First Street will be reconstructed from Pennsylvania Avenue
      to Winnebago Street. The entire section will have bike lanes.
      When the Krupp development causes the reconstruction of First
      Street from Winnebago to Eastwood Drive, it should also have bike
      lanes. In addition these bike lanes need to be connected across
      Eastwood to the Capital City Trail (formerly known as the Isthmus
      Path). This will create an important north-south continuity and
      connectivity for biking.

      Resident Bike Parking:
      In addition to motor vehicle parking, the underground parking
      should include specific area(s) for resident bike parking.

      Visitor and Public Bike Parking:
      There should be adequate bike parking near each entrance to the
      building. These paved parking areas should be visible (not isolated)
      and are best in the most active people areas for security purposes.
      Do not hide them in some out of the way place that is prone to
      theft and vandalism. The parking racks should meet the approval of
      city staff. For example the "wave" racks are architecturally
      pleasing but not very functional.

      Thanks for considering.

      Michael Rewey
      Bicycle Facility Design and Planning

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      Subject: [einpc] TONIGHT - 1st and Winnebago Neighborhood Mtg
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      > TONIGHT
      > Tuesday June 28 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
      > Neighborhood Meeting - To discuss redevelopment of the
      > SE corner of First Street - Winnebago
      > Trinity Lutheran Church ( NE corner of First Street - Winnebago )
      > Developer Joe Krupp plans to demolish four houses -- 314, 315 and 317
      > Moulton Court, and 1833 Winnebago Street -- to build a four-story, 42
      > - 44 unit condominium building at the SE corner of First Street -
      > Winnebago.
      > He plans to provide 58 underground parking stalls. Vehicle access
      > would be from Moulton Court.
      > The building is to face onto Winnebago, First Street and Eastwood
      > Drive.
      > Krupp recently received city staff approval to include part of the
      > First Street right-of-way between Winnebago and Eastwood in his
      > project design.
      > The Krupp project would reduce First Street between Winnebago and
      > Eastwood to between 32 and 36 feet of pavement - which would leave two
      > lanes for motor vehicles -- and one or two bike lanes.
      > This proposal does NOT call for making Winnebago Street two-way
      > between the Yahara River and First Street. City Engineering and
      > Traffic Engineering are reviewing the proposed redesign of this
      > street segment.
      > Alder Judy Olson and the Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara
      > Neighborhood Association (SASYNA) are cosponsoring this
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