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XML parsing

Hi all, I'm trying to use the xml_parse library I've found in the GPLed version15 of EiffelStudio. It's fine except for one thing: CDATA segment. If my xml
luca paganotti
Dec 23, 2015

Re: How to enable assertion in finalized mode?

Once you have Eiffel Studio asking you about keeping or discarding assertions again, you may want to consider a tactic that we use. In our pre-production
Oct 7, 2015

Re: How to enable assertion in finalized mode?

On 10/5/2015 12:18, Colin Adams colinpauladams@... ... It's in the menu Tools->Preferences, then Interface->Dialogs. -- Eric Bezault
Eric Bezault
Oct 5, 2015

How to enable assertion in finalized mode?

When first finalizing in EiffelStudio, there is a dialog that pops up and asks you if you want to keep assertions or discard them. And an option to never get
Colin Adams
Oct 5, 2015

Eiffel Mailing List is now using Google Group

Dear all, Following several requests to have a better alternative to Yahoo Groups that is more secure, preserves indentations, and allows attachments, we have
Sep 23, 2015

Re: [eiffel_software] SCOOP documentation and compile error

The following code could do:    my_separate_string: separate STRING       once          Result := "Hello Eiffel World!"       end However
Alexander Kogtenkov
Sep 22, 2015

Re[4]: [eiffel_software] SCOOP compile problems

This is a research paper, so the authors used whatever tools were more suitable. EiffelStudio 15.08 uses a run-time model quite similar to SCOOP/Qs, but
Alexander Kogtenkov
Sep 22, 2015

Re: Re[2]: [eiffel_software] SCOOP compile problems

A very interesting paper. I have a couple of questions about it: 1) The paper said the compiler was written in Haskell. Does this mean this is NOT implemented
Colin Adams
Sep 22, 2015

Re[2]: [eiffel_software] SCOOP compile problems

There is a recent paper that describes SCOOP optimizations and includes comparison to different concurrent implementations for other languages:    Efficient
Alexander Kogtenkov
Sep 22, 2015

Re: SCOOP compile problems

Hi I intend to use SCOOP to evaluate the current quality of the implementation. I will do the change you suggest. I am curiouse why it compiled in an earlier
Anders Persson
Sep 22, 2015

Re: [eiffel_software] SCOOP compile problems

I believe the solution is to declare LINKED_LIST with a separate actual generic parameter, "separate STRING" in your case I guess. The idea is that the list is
Alexander Kogtenkov
Sep 22, 2015

SCOOP documentation and compile error

Hi at the page: SCOOP implementation | Eiffel Documentation https://docs.eiffel.com/book/solutions/scoop-implementation SCOOP implementation | Eiffel
Sep 22, 2015

SCOOP compile problems

I upgraded to 15.08 and tried to compile some of my old projects. I then get a an error (that I do not think I got earlier) that looks like this: Error code:
Sep 22, 2015

Re: 0MQ

Thanks, I think I have manage to get the source and compiled it etc. However I got another problem with the 15.08 version. The linker complains about missing
Sep 22, 2015


Hi, It should be sufficient to do `r.field_type (i) = {REFLECTOR_CONSTANTS}.expanded_type' to find out if a field is declared statically with an expanded type.
Emmanuel Stapf
Sep 21, 2015
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