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Re: [eiffel-nice-library] Re: New Efforts

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  • Roger Browne
    Hi everyone, It seems that Arno is keen to take the bull by the horns , and steer this group forwards. Arno courteously emailed me to seek my approval. Arno s
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 30, 2002
      Hi everyone,

      It seems that Arno is keen to "take the bull by the horns", and steer this
      group forwards. Arno courteously emailed me to seek my approval.

      Arno's move is fine by me - although it is not my OK that is needed. What is
      important is the support of the Eiffel vendors and the Eiffel community. As
      long as Arno captures the confidence and support of the vendors and the
      community, he should proceed. If at any time that is no longer the case,
      someone else should step in.

      I've set Arno up with "moderator" privileges for this list - although I
      never needed to use them for this very civilized group.

      It was enormously satisfying to me that from 1999 to 2002 I was able to tread
      a tightrope between the various Eiffel "schools of thought", and to work with
      this group to achieve some very worthwhile improvements to the
      interoperability of the ARRAY and STRING classes.

      Thanks to everyone who made this possible, and especially to the vendors
      without whose cooperation all of the work would have been fruitless.
      Standards, no matter how worthwhile, are useless unless they get implemented.

      Although I will continue to monitor this group, and will probably chip in
      with the occasional comment, I doubt that I will devote the
      time and energy to it that I did in the past. One reason is that, in my
      opinion, the goalposts have shifted.

      Since the beginning of my involvement with Eiffel in 1989, I have dreamed
      of a vibrant multi-vendor Eiffel world that, through library
      interoperability, would support the development of enough Eiffel libraries to
      enable us to develop just about any kind of software system purely in Eiffel.

      But it seems to me now that this dream will never be achieved. Instead, we
      are almost certainly leading towards a world where software systems of all
      kinds will interoperate using what Bertrand Meyer refers to as the "software
      bus" - specifically the bus provided by the .NET Common Language

      This is both disappointing and exciting. It's (slightly) disappointing
      because the CLS falls slightly short of Eiffel's high aspirations in a few
      ways. It's enormously exciting because, after decades of talk, the revolution
      of software development through reusable components is finally being achieved
      - and I'd like to see Eiffel (or something Eiffel-like) have a chunk of that

      Not everyone sees the future that way - but for those who do, the pressing
      need is not for Eiffel compilers to interoperate with each other 'per se',
      but for Eiffel compilers to be compatible with the CLS. Interoperability
      between Eiffel vendors then comes "for free".

      Best wishes for the future work of this group - and thanks again to all those
      who have contributed over the past few years!

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