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Fwd: Lieberman: A test for White America

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    ... Lieberman: A test for White America Related links: FCN Online Exclusive Minister Louis Farrakhan s press conference Los Angeles, Ca. 08-11-2000 (Requires
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      Lieberman: A test for White America

      Related links:
      FCN Online Exclusive Minister Louis Farrakhan's press conference
      Los Angeles, Ca. 08-11-2000
      (Requires Real Player)

      Your anti-Muslim Newspaper - Polyconomics.com


      What did Minister Louis Farrakhan really say about Democratic Vice
      Presidential nominee Senator Joseph Lieberman? And why is the white-
      owned media intentionally misrepresenting his very clear words on the
      candidacy of the first Jewish candidate for that office?

      The following unedited text is excerpted from a one-hour press
      conference that Minister Louis Farrakhan had Aug. 11 with journalists
      from white-owned mainstream media and the Black press in Los
      Angeles during a Million Family March promotional tour stop in the

      Question by journalist from the L.A. Focus newspaper: My question is:
      Senator Lieberman was selected as America's first Jewish vice
      president candidate. Do you feel that that choice was a good choice,
      and what are your thoughts on a Jewish candidate being selected as
      the vice president? And do you think Black America is ready for a
      Jewish vice president?

      Minister Farrakhan: See, that ends the press conference (Min.
      Farrakhan, audience laughter). That's the question that everybody
      wanted to know. After I answer that question, I guess the press
      conference is over. (Laughter continues.) When one is chosen to be
      president, really the top consideration should be, should the evil
      accident of time or something unfortunate happen to the President of
      the United States, that the Vice President, in his experience and
      wisdom, should be able to step in and run the country. Most everyone
      believes that Senator Lieberman has those kinds of qualities. That he
      could step in should anything happen and run the country well.

      Black America would always be ready to receive a Jewish vice
      because it has never been a problem for Black people what a person's
      faith is if that person is qualified. I must say, though, the choice
      Senator Lieberman is a great test for the United States of America.
      so much for the Blacks. But it is a test for America. The question
      should be, is white America ready to have a Jewish vice president who
      is a heartbeat away from being the President of the United States of
      America. (Applause, light laughter, cheers).

      If America answers that question well, and by well I mean that anti-
      Semitism would not raise its ugly head, if America answers that
      question well, then America has indeed matured. I think Rev. Jackson
      said, I'm not sure. I think it was Rev. Jackson (who said) it shows
      maturity of the Democratic Party to chose a member of the Jewish
      to be the vice president. That choice now must be accepted by the
      American people. Blacks are not a problem. Never have been. Now, if
      you want to know if Louis Farrakhan is going to be a problem (light
      laughter), see, those of you who think that I am anti-Semitic, you
      are so

      If this man (Lieberman) is qualified, if this man would be fair and
      and as a Muslim, now I have concerns. As a Black person I have
      concerns. Maybe he will help us to be more comfortable, because he
      was against affirmative action. A lot of Black people see the public
      school system as having failed the American people and they are in
      favor of vouchers. He was not.

      I agree with Senator Lieberman when he takes on Hollywood and the
      filth that is being poured on the American people in the name of the
      First Amendment. I agree with Mr. Bush who is pro-life, but I think
      when John F. Kennedy became the nominee of the Democratic Party, I
      think he was the first Catholic and people had concerns as to whether
      he would be more loyal to an edict or something coming from the
      Vatican than he would to the Constitution of the United States. Mr.
      Kennedy passed that test. Unfortunately, he was assassinated.

      Mr. Lieberman, as an orthodox Jew, is also a citizen, dual
      with Israel. And the state of Israel is not synonymous with the
      States. And the test that he would probably have to pass is would he
      more faithful to the Constitution of the United States than to the
      ties that
      any Jewish person would have to the state of Israel. That's very
      Other people, fearing that they will be called anti-Semitic, may not
      such a point.

      I am not anti-Semitic, but I raise that point. And I'll go one step
      and that is this, that I think it was Senator Lieberman who said that
      cornerstone of America's foreign policy is the security of Israel.
      that to me is significant because as a Muslim now, I'm speaking as a
      Muslim, any Arab or Muslim state that does not agree with the
      existence of Israel because of land being taken from the Palestinians
      carve out that state, and if they seem to be a threat to Israel, then
      America's foreign policy would lean toward ostracizing or vilifying
      maligning those Muslim states. Libya for one. Iran two. Syria three.
      Arab nations that won't come in and play ball--four. Iraq. Sudan. So
      bothers me because I visited all of these countries and I know that
      would like a better relationship with America, and I would hope that
      Mr. Gore and Mr. Lieberman become the president and vice-president of
      this great nation, that a just and fair policy would come from the
      Government of the United States toward Muslim states who may have
      some disagreement with Israel.

      And I think that's fair for me as a Muslim to be concerned. So, if I
      Jewish, and I saw a presidential hopeful, I would want to know what
      position is on Israel. As a Black man and as a Muslim, I want to know
      what will your position be with the Muslim states. What will your
      position be with Syria and the Golan Heights. What is your position
      the peace process? How do you feel about Iran? Iraq? Libya? Sudan?
      These are called rogue states because America has the power to name
      people and make the name that they call you stick. These are not
      rogues. They are people that really have a point of view that is
      heard in the Congress before the Congress arrogantly calls them
      rogues. We have never invited them to the Congress to defend
      themselves. That kind of thing has to stop and that's why we can't
      it in the hands of Mr. Lieberman or Mr. Gore or Mr. Clinton or Mr.
      or Mr. Cheney. It's got to be now in the hands of the people of the
      United States of America. (Applause)

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