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  • Jean
    well, I moved here back in Nov/Dec 2005, and it has started filling up around here. There are still buildings that are vacant, but ours, for instance is full
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      well, I moved here back in Nov/Dec 2005, and it has started filling up around here.  There are still buildings that are vacant, but ours, for instance is full most of the time.  We have neighbors that go between their place here, and jobs outside of Egypt, so we are in a kind of a United Nations kind of a building.  Lots of displaced Iraqi families and students are around here too.  There are still buildings that are not completed, but I heard or read something bout some kind of law that says that they have to be finished by the end of this year, or forfeit it back to the government.  Dunno if that true - but it would go along with the recent flurry of activity around here...workers are everywhere, and there is no quiet day when you don't hear some kind of building activity going on, or don't see a truck delivery of sand, cement or rebar.
      The other most recent addition is that they are installing gas lines, so lots of workers for that too.
      I am really glad that I joined this group.  I had NO idea about what this area was originally intended for, and neither was my hubby.  Was very eye opening.
      This group has some very intelligent and informed people on it, it seems.

      Mohammed Sami Fadali <fadali@...> wrote:
      Thanks for the correction. The only house I have been to in October
      City is one of the big ones in "Dreamland" (which actually has
      negative connotations in English but sounds great to Egyptians). I
      think there are people who bought their property and built earlier,
      bit by bit, when the prices were lower. I also know people who own
      land there which they bought when it was less expensive but it is
      sitting there vacant. They either cannot afford to build or have
      apartments elsewhere. I think it is much more pleasant than Cairo and
      the air is clean and you can actually see the sun (not just smog).

      I was told that the developers in October City did not do very well
      financially because their apartment did not sell. This may have
      changed, but I remember that there were many vacant apartments there
      a few years ago. Is this still the case?

      I have not seen the less affluent neighborhoods there. However, I
      doubt that they would go down to the level of L.E. 350/month income
      that Ishinan is thinking about. Those people would not be able to
      afford anything more than a single room. My understanding is that
      families that make ten times as much are now struggling.

      I still maintain that even if the very poor cannot live in the
      satellite communities, they will relieve the overall congestion in
      Cairo to the benefit of all. I do not see them as a problem.

      Incidentally, here is something about water shortages in Jordan

      http://www.aljazeer a.net/NR/ exeres/7A16C3EF- 57B6-4054- A139-
      DDE20F12D6E1. htm

      It is not just Egypt.

      Sami Fadali

      --- In egypt-net@yahoogrou ps.com, Jean <jean_bean2002@ ...> wrote:
      > I am assuming that you are speaking of 6th of October City here.
      > There are poorer sections of this city - not just all villas. I
      think you might need to take a serious look about this area before
      making assumptions. Take a drive up the street to the first traffic
      circle on the HyperOne street and take a left. Tell me that is a
      rich area !
      > then drive further down the highway into the area down the street
      from Tikka Chicken, and again - tell me that is a rich area. Then
      drive into the center of the city and towards the 6th District, and
      you will see for yourself.
      > Not all of 6th of October City is all Sheik Zayad Villas, or Mina
      Gardens or Ashgar, which, by the way is nothing that I can afford.
      > There is a big middle class here, which I guess I am a part of,
      and then there are people that are living with a lot less.
      > Mohammed Sami Fadali <fadali@...> wrote:
      > Ishinan
      > A system that favors the rich is not exactly somehting that we are
      > not familiar with here in the US. This is universal: those with
      > power and money use both to push their agenda. The issue is whether
      > this is kept to a minimum or becomes unacceptable.
      > Regarding laws that favor developers, we have this everywhere in
      > America. Here, we are being asked to pay for the infrastructure
      > will support new housing in a depressed housing market! The claim
      > always made that the new infrastructure will be paid for by the new
      > developments but this claim is rarely true. Typically, the new
      > development are paid for by the taxpayer: moi.
      > Another thing where Egypt is copying the American model, is new
      > developments that have one class of housing instead of the
      > traditional mixed neighborhoods of Cairo. Cairo has always had poor
      > neighborhoods within walking distance of the richest and most
      > exclusive areas. You are correct in stating that October City,
      > is upper middle class (not for the billionaire) does not have low-
      > income housing. Similarly the truly rich, live in even more
      > exclusive areas. I am not sure what implications this will have for
      > Egyptian society in the future but I do not think they will
      > positive.
      > I am not sure that these developments are unique to Egypt. The
      > world seems to be moving to a system where there is a tiny super-
      > class running the show, an upper middle class helping them run it,
      > middle class, then a huge majority of poor struggling to make ends
      > meet.
      > Sami Fadali
      > Jean Bean in 6th of October
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      Jean Bean in 6th of October

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