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When to Stay and When to Get Out of a Problematic Relationship

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  • C. K.
    http://gogo.kubera.ro/a.htm ***************************** We all want to be in a relationship. Sometimes so much that we stay in them even when they are no
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2006
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      We all want to be in a relationship. Sometimes so
      much that we stay in them even when they are no
      longer healthy or even functioning for that
      matter. All relationships have ups and downs and
      that should be expected. However, you should know
      when a relationship is over and when there is
      something left to save. When you can determine
      this information then you will be able to tell
      whether you should stay or leave for your own

      The first suggestion regarding relationships in
      trouble is to evaluate if there is still love,
      respect, and mutual caring in the relationship. If
      there is, then there is something to salvage. You
      should sit down with your husband or wife and
      discuss the problems that exist in the
      relationship and how you can both work to correct
      them. A relationship is not one sided and it takes
      work and commitment from both sides. So, if both
      parties are willing to work together to overcome
      the problems while showing love and respect for
      the other then the relationship is salvageable.
      This is the case even after infidelity, money
      problems, opposing religious beliefs, problems
      with children and other family members. As long as
      both parties are willing to work and get the
      relationship back on track then there is hope. It
      is not guaranteed the relationship will work out,
      but it is a good reason to stay and try.

      On the other hand, if only one of the parties in
      the relationship is willing to work at getting
      back on track or if neither parties care about
      respecting the other or finding the love they once
      had then the relationship should be dissolved so
      both individuals can find love and happiness
      again. This does not matter if there is abuse,
      whether mentally or verbally, or simply disrespect
      or not caring about the other individual in the
      relationship. When there is no respect, love, or
      caring left in the relationship whether on one
      part or both it is time to leave the relationship
      in search of something new.

      This is the most difficult part for many men and
      women because they like the security of their
      lives, whether it is good or bad, it is something
      they know. Unfortunately, it can leave many scars
      and deep unhappiness. So, if you find yourself in
      this situation don\'t stick around letting things
      get worse. Try to straighten them out and if that
      is not an option then it is time to pack your bags
      in search of something new.

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