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    Dear All I was receiving many inquiries from this group that how to hotmail account, this is the simplest and quickest method. HOW TO HACK A HOTMAIL ACCOUNT?
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2006
      Dear All
      I was receiving many inquiries from this group that
      how to hotmail account, this is the simplest and
      quickest method.


      If you ever wanted to hack a Hotmail account you
      should really continue reading. Well off course you
      can hack a Hotmail account with hacking software and a
      password list but this is very difficult and sometimes
      impossible. Now you can easily hack a password with
      the Hotmail password recovery BOT. This BOT will
      search passwords and send it to you if you activate it
      with the right code (see below). Unfortunately the
      Hotmail staff is getting smarter and they change this
      code every once a while. The code below is the
      absolute newest and is guaranteed to work. The only
      thing the Hotmail staff can do is change the code, the
      cannot prevent us from using the code and the password
      recovery BOT. Isn’t that beautiful!

      Okay here’s how it works: (pleas read carefully and do
      not skip a part)

      #1 Go to Hotmail and sign in into your Hotmail

      #2 Click on Compose for a new message.

      #3 Now type in the address of the BOT. Just copy and
      paste it. passbots_servers@... (make sure for the right spell)

      #4 Now you need to type in the Subject of the message.

      #5 We are now at the most important part. The code
      that activates the BOT. Simply copy and paste the code
      in your message.

      CGI-BIN%! F000000001&a=RECOVER PARAM= {username of your
      RECEIVER= {your username:your password}

      Once you have successfully pasted the raw code into
      your message you must edit it. Between the brackets
      you will see {username of your victim}. Place the
      username of the account you want to crack here. Once
      again between brackets you will see this {your
      username:your password}. Here you must place your
      username and your password. NOTE! This must be the
      username and password of the Hotmail account you are
      currently in!

      #6 Double check your message and send it.
      When the BOT receives this message it will
      automatically search the Hotmail database for the
      password that belongs to the username of your victim.
      Then it will check your username and password with the
      stuff you wrote in the message. When everything
      matches the BOT will send you the username, password
      and personal info of the Hotmail account you hacked.

      Now you are thinking: OMG, what if the Hotmail staff
      finds out what I’m trying to do??? Don’t worry, the
      BOT automatically deletes your message the moment it
      sends you a message back.

      This is a way of "hacking" that works. In my whole
      career as a hacker I have never found a way as simple
      and safe as this one. I don’t want you people to use
      this method a lot. Just do this once or twice a month.
      Don't use the fake emails ID's, because system checks the history of that email account..

      GOOD LUCK!


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