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Re: don is sending you a podcast

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  • Vance Stevens
    ... Hi Yaodong This is really cool. For those of you who want to meet Yaodong here is his webheads web page (which he can t see unless he goes through a proxy
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 27, 2006
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      --- In efiwebheads@yahoogroups.com, jjcyd@... wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I'm sending this email to let you know that I've posted a new
      episode to my podcast:
      > http://yaodong.podomatic.com
      > don

      Hi Yaodong

      This is really cool. For those of you who want to meet Yaodong here
      is his webheads web page (which he can't see unless he goes through
      a proxy server in China:

      And here is an article about him which everyone can see

      I posted this to the Moodle for Webheads list and I wanted to share
      it here as well:

      I've been playing with the Moodle and out other sites a bit today.
      I've been setting the links at our three portals so that they all
      point to each other:

      The Moodle at http://www.opensource.idv.tw/moodle/course/view.php?
      http://wfw.webheads.info, and
      In addition, there is a 4th community portal that I hope you will
      try out, run by our good friends at WorldBridges:

      These are all free resources and the idea behind them is that the
      community members will take more responsibility in keeping them
      current and active. That's you!

      I'm glad to see that there are more pics up at our Frappr site
      http://www.frappr.com/moodle4webheads. I see pictures there now from
      Melinda, Michelle, Antonio, and Sophie.

      And I'm hoping we'll get more interaction at our Wiki

      For an example of what I'm HOPING to get going there, see http://baw-
      06.pbwiki.com/ and notice how each participant has created pages,
      which you can see by clicking on the names in the sidebar.

      That's probably enough for now but I hope to send you some ideas (in
      response to Jasmin) of what we might do for audio at Odeo and
      Springdoo, or would anyone else here like to start something going
      at those sites?


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