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Moodle for Webheads

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi everyone, I would like to invite you to join me in a new adventure in language learning taking advantage of the latest free internet tools for communication
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 1, 2006
      Hi everyone,

      I would like to invite you to join me in a new adventure in language
      learning taking advantage of the latest free internet tools for
      communication through communities online.

      Writing for Webheads was started in 1998 with a small but highly
      interactive group of students (you are still seeing reminders of
      their anniversaries). These students got to know one another through
      our website which I maintained with photos and web pages for several
      years. But after a few years two things happened.

      First, so many teachers became interested in Writing for Webheads
      that they started their own group. This group was also led by me,
      Vance, and I created the feeling of community through maintaining the
      web pages with photos and links to the work of each participant.
      This group has grown and flourished, and recently put on a conference
      at http://schedule.wiaoc.org .

      Second, well, I ran out of time. I am simply not able now to
      maintain all these web pages. The projects have become too big. As
      a result the student group has became less and less interactive.

      However, there are still 400 students enrolled in Writing for
      Webheads. Many of you must still wish to join a community where you
      can safely and successfully practice your language and make friends
      with decent people, with the guidance of language teachers whose
      reward is to learn how to work with communities of students online.

      If any of you would like try this and learn more, I have created
      a 'course' in a Moodle at

      You can see what is there as a GUEST if you like but to make it come
      alive, you will have to enroll. To that that click on LOGIN and
      create a NEW ACCOUNT. You'll need to use a real email address so you
      can verify your participation, and to make it really interactive you
      will eventually want to complete your profile with a photo and links
      that will make you a part of the community.

      As Webheads has always been, this is a safe environment, one we have
      worked with for a couple of years. It is non-commercial, maintained
      by volunteer educators. Once we populate it we can activate forums
      there for more interaction. Meanwhile we can continue to use this
      list to discuss our progress.

      There is one other Web 2.0 tool you can use right away to help us
      achieve a sense of community. This is Frappr at
      http://www.frappr.com/moodle4webheads . If you visit that site and
      put your picture on our map (scroll to get the world beyond the USA)
      then your picture will appear in the slide show you see in our Moodle
      course at http://www.opensource.idv.tw/moodle/course/view.php?id=26

      I do hope a number of you still wishing to participate will join us
      there. There is more to tell you but this is enough for now to get
      us started.

      Best to all,


      > If you are students wishing to learn English online then I am about
      > invite you to join me in a second adventure. I will soon be
      starting a
      > Moodle for Webheads. I started this group in 1998 and have since
      > a lot of time developing web pages for students, which you can find
      > http://wfw.webheads.info (but which you can't see in China :-(( Try
      > http://www.webheads.info to get an idea).
      > The reason I am starting a Moodle course for this group is that (1)
      > it provides a means for those interested to update their own
      > post photos if you wish, and use forums to explore writing topics
      > English, if you wish.
      > I wanted to write and let you know about this, and soon I will
      > more as I put the pieces in place that will allow you to put
      > your own English Puzzle.
      > If you want to get started early you can create an account here:
      > http://www.opensource.idv.tw/moodle/
      > And explore what you find. I've created our Moodle for Webheads
      > http://www.opensource.idv.tw/moodle/course/view.php?id=26
      > But I have yet to develop the materials.
      > More later,
      > Vance
    • Vance Stevens
      Hi again, I don t know if anyone has not been able to enrol at the moodle but I discovered there was an incorrect setting in the way I set it up. I have fixed
      Message 2 of 4 , Feb 2, 2006
        Hi again,

        I don't know if anyone has not been able to enrol at the moodle but I
        discovered there was an incorrect setting in the way I set it up. I
        have fixed it and now there are several things you can explore, and
        join if you wish, if you want to participate in the Moodle for
        Webheads re-awakening of our community.

        The Moodle will be the portal for the new community. It's here:

        Now that I have fixed the problem you can do the following ...

        - You can visit as a guest. You don't need to log in.
        - If you want to log in you can create an account, free.
        - When you log in and visit the course you will be asked to enroll.
        - If you enroll you will become a member of the community and be
        able to interact with other community members.
        - If you don't enroll you will still be able to SEE what is
        happening there, and you can enroll at any time.
        - You can also un-enroll at any time.

        All webheads courses are designed for free access by anyone and by
        participation of those who chose to do so. Participants always have
        control over their enrollment in our YahooGroup and Moodle. Your
        privacy is guarded in both places.

        I have updated our YahooGroup site to show the things you can now do

        One of the things you can do is leave a message, photo, whatever you
        like, at our Wiki. I have listed the things you can do there. The
        address is:

        and the password is 'participant'

        Finally, you can put your photo on the Map at our Frappr space:

        When you do that, the photo becomes part of a slide show appearing on
        our Moodle.

        I think this is all getting ready for you to explore and I hope you
        enjoy the new environment.

        Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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