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Gangland Assault on Foreign Residents in Hsin Chu Taiwan

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  • taiwan teacher
    An armed attack by an unidentified organized criminal extortion gang upon 6 foreign residents and teachers in the early morning of May 23, 2004 at an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2004
      An armed attack by an unidentified organized criminal
      extortion gang upon 6 foreign residents and teachers
      in the early morning of May 23, 2004 at an
      Establishment popular with foreign residents in Hsin
      Chu Taiwan has been confirmed.
      Your assistance is required to ensure the future
      safety of Foreigners and teachers on Taiwan.
      The Police have refuse to intervene as this case was
      perpetrated by local organized criminal gangs.
      Please call the Foreign Affairs Police in Hsin Chu and
      ask them what they are going to do about this case if
      This issue may affect us all in the near future. Only
      if we act together can we insure our future safety on

      Foreign Affairs Police
      HSIN-CHU City
      #1, Chung Shan 1 Road, Hsin Chu
      Tel: 035-242-103

      Message from the victims.

      "First off, we both would like to thank everyone out
      there for their support and concern throughout this
      whole ordeal. It is very comforting to know that the
      ex-pat community in Hsinchu (Xinzhu) is alive and well
      and we thank you for all the flowers, gifts, and
      visits that we received while in the hospital. We have
      since been released from the hospital and feel that
      there is just cause for a new post to be added that
      will set the record straight and correct some of the
      many errors and crazy ideas that have been added by
      people that were not even around on the night in

      We arrived at the Pig and Whistle about 1:00 am on
      Saturday night and planned to stay for only a short
      period of time. We were not drunk when we arrived, had
      one beer downstairs and then took one upstairs to
      dance for about an hour, and we were not drunk when we
      left at the end of the night. Everything was going
      great and it really was one of the best nights that we
      have had out - we do not even go out very often here
      in Hsinchu (Xinzhu) and others have even remarked how
      they never really see us out that frequently. The
      details are still a little hazy because it seemed to
      happen so fast and so all of a sudden that we have
      played and replayed the details attempting to
      determine where and why this whole situation took
      place. We believe the problem began when we were on
      the dance floor and one of the Taiwanese guys started
      dancing around my girlfriend, her friend (also a
      female) and myself (all three of us are actually from
      Canada) and he began bumping into us a little - the
      dance floor was a little crowded at the time so we did
      not think much of it. Over the course of the next
      30-40 minutes we noticed that he was sort of giving
      dirty looks to us and the others around us and
      appeared to be in a generally bad mood. The Taiwanese
      guy then walked to the bar and grabbed a glass of
      beer, went to the dance floor, and then attempted to
      throw the entire glass of beer onto my girlfriend.
      Now, I was not out to fight and still remained fairly
      calm at this point as only a small amount of the beer
      actually hit my girlfriend. We continued to dance at
      which point the guy walked over to his friends table
      and began to laugh and point over to us. The same
      Taiwanese guy then walked up to my girlfriend's back
      and stood right behind her and appeared to be about to
      push or hit her from behind. At this point, I walked
      closer and placed myself between the guy and my
      girlfriend and attempt to diffuse the situation. The
      Taiwanese guy immediately became upset and his friends
      at the table began shouting and jumped over the
      railing running at us. In an instant, the entire dance
      floor became a giant blood bath with about 6-8
      Taiwanese guys (who we have since heard belong to a
      gang) smashing glasses, bottles, ashtrays, etc. over
      our heads and against the walls to use as weapons. I
      am unsure as to how many times I was hit and cut, but
      I do know that I was rushed to the emergency room with
      at least six major cuts on my head (one cut that is
      approximately 8 inches in length that severed my
      temporal artery), two on my hands, and one on my arm
      that all required stitches. The doctor, when asked how
      many stitches I actually received replied oo
      many to count!? At the bar the Taiwanese guys attacked
      men and women and also cut my girlfriend very severely
      causing her to receive stitches on her head for four
      major wounds - one just centimeters above her right
      eye. She was kicked, punched, cut, and had her hair
      pulled all by these guys who were totally psychotic
      and had no regard for life or the long unwritten rule
      regarding not hitting a lady. During the fight, one of
      the Taiwanese guys actually ran out of the Pig and
      Whistle and grabbed a baseball bat (someone heard him
      say that he was going to get a gun, but fortunately
      for us that did not happen) and came back into the
      bar. The guy ran into the room crazily swinging the
      bat and attempted to hit my girlfriends very tiny
      (under 5 feet tall) female friend in the head at which
      point I moved her out of the way and blocked the swing
      causing me to receive a fractured wrist. He also hit
      me with the bat and bruised my ribs, and I have since
      heard that he hit another South African guy in the
      head causing him to receiving stitches for the wound.
      The entire fight lasted at least five minutes with us
      attempting to leave and end the fight on multiple
      occasions with no success.

      We have to thank the people at the bar that intervened
      on our behalf and helped us in so many ways that we
      could never fully repay them. Two of the biggest damn
      South Africans with the biggest damn hearts that I
      have ever known are at the top of the list and are
      forever in our ood graces?- if you two were
      not there that night there is no doubt in our minds
      that these unbalanced guys would have killed us and we
      thank you from the bottom of our hearts - you know who
      you are so there is no need to mention names. There
      was also at least one other South African guy who
      jumped in and, as mentioned above, had to receive
      medical attention for his wounds, a very nice couple
      from Ireland who were here for a vacation only, and
      possibly a few others that were lost in the confusion
      - we thank you all for your help and you will never be

      As far as the rest of you cowards that were seen idly
      standing by watching the whole ordeal take place with
      women being attacked and beaten with glass and fists -
      I hope that your conscience haunts you and reminds you
      daily of what you did not do and what you should have
      been forced, through fear or good morality, to do. I
      mean, leave chivalry out of the whole situation and
      just focus on social responsibility and ethics for a
      minute and you would have more than enough reason to
      act. We do understand the fact that you should not get
      involved in every minor dispute that comes along and
      the fear that can accompany a situation such as this,
      but not to at least attempt to end the fight and help
      fellow foreigners who have been so severely injured
      get away safe??? All I can say is that everyone needs
      help at one point or another and one day you or your
      mother or sister are going to be in a jam and how
      would you feel if you saw others just standing by
      watching and hiding behind the curtain of his
      does not concern me?or  should not get
      involved, I did not see who started it?

      Some posts have been asking the question as to whether
      or not we plan to press charges and we are taking this
      under careful consideration. If this were Canada, then
      there would be no question whatsoever and the charges
      would have been laid that night. But this being Taiwan
      and the justice system here being what it is makes it
      a very tough call with doubt being cast at to whether
      or not they would even be charged, have to pay the
      fine/go to jail, retaliation, etc. We do fully
      understand our sense of social responsibility and want
      to do our best to see that justice has been served and
      prevent things of this nature happening again, but we
      are also concerned for our safety and would very much
      like to enjoy the rest of our stay here in Taiwan.

      As for the Pig and Whistle, we (and many others)
      believe that they have seriously failed to fulfill
      legal and ethical responsibilities and we will most
      likely be contacting legal representation in the very
      near future. They too failed to attempt to diffuse the
      situation and end the fight, they allowed one man to
      leave the bar and get a bat to re-enter and continue
      the fight, the police were not called, or at least did
      not arrive, until the fight was well over and we had
      left, and only after numerous requests to do so was
      the ambulance called to assist with significant
      medical concerns. No attempt was made to offer first
      aid care by the staff and only one employee was seen
      handing us tissue to place over our cuts -one being a
      severed artery. The Pig and Whistle offers no form of
      protection (security/bouncers) and are themselves too
      afraid to even become involved when problems arise."
      Thank you for your support on this issue,
      Good luck,


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