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  • AbdulElah Kadri
    As you know, there s a writing section in TOEFL, so these essays are a part of my prepartion. Here I write about the following topic: A partner is best from
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 30, 2003
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      As you know, there's a writing section in TOEFL, so these essays are a part of my prepartion. Here I write about the following topic:

      A partner is best from the same social background, and holds the same interests. Discuss.
      (any kind of corrections, comments..etc are welcomed)

      The family is the most important unit which develops to form the society. And marriage is the project which results in establishing the family. This project is supposed to last for the rest of the spouses’ lives. Thus, the marriage should be built on solid grounds and strong bases.

      Choosing your partner is an essential step of successful marriage. Similar level of education is strongly preferred, because the gap in educational level will consequently create a gap between the husband and wife and leave each one of them in a different valley. One the other hand, same educational levels will result in similar ambitions and goals after which, hand in hand, the couple will seek.

      The values of both the husband and wife should be alike. They will live with each other at the same home, different values will fill this home with disagreements and discord. Such a life is not destined to last for long. In contrast, when both couple embrace the same religion, this will unify their values, make each spouse aware of his/her limitations, and in future, they will both foster the same values in their children, consequently, the child will be balanced and not living in contradictory life between father and mother of different values.

      Sometimes both partners might belong to different social classes, they might get attracted and have a crush on each other at first, but later on, it will be blatant that coexistence is impossible. In other words, you should avoid getting involved with a partner of divergent social class, neither higher nor lower social class. It’s perfect when both couple belong to the same social class, so there will be no unhappy surprises on the life track which could turn to be a dead end track by the blatant chasm in social classes.

      Marriage, in a way or another, is one of the means of happiness. Different interests will lead to a dull and boring life, each couple is interested in something that the other partner doesn’t care about. Whereas, a couple with the same interests will get closer to each other. Sharing same interests will strengthen the connection and the communication between the two partners and this will lead to an interesting happy life full of harmony and concord.

      It’s impossible to find the perfect man or woman you’ve dreamt about. However, you can find the partner who has a lot in common with you, same moods and outlooks on life, same interests and background. This should establish a happy family and make your marriage successful.

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