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Ynt:[efiwebheads] Voice Online Study

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  • ibrahimdemirbas
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2003
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      > ----- �zg�n �leti -----
      > Kimden : ibrahim
      > Kime : efiwebheads
      > G�nderme tarihi
      > Konu : [

      > hi everyvone � cant send message because � have got alot of final exam
      >� must study these
      >last week we have got good time in the universty there are concert
      >one of them bultsuzluk �zlemi they made rock music its wonderful for me
      >because � like rock and juzz music also we remembered the izzet baysal he is very good man he
      >is very intelligent he setup alot of things in bolu
      >for example :universty hospital schools .....nad alot of things near these
      >we love him very much

      T�rk�e ilk Portal http://www.mynet.com
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