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Welcome Cherry, and proxy info for those in China

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  • Vance Stevens <vstevens@emirates.net.ae>
    Hi everyone, I sent this from my Hotmail email account and it bounced because of the html tags. I m posting it now from the http://www.yahoogroups.com
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      Hi everyone,

      I sent this from my Hotmail email account and it bounced because of
      the html tags. I'm posting it now from the
      http://www.yahoogroups.com website.

      Incidentally, don't forget, at noon GMT Sunday (3 hours from now)
      Webheads meet as usual at http://www.tappedin.org Hope to see you
      there. I have my web cam with me.

      Here's the message I couldn't send

      Welcome Cherry,

      I was working over the weekend on your website. As you are in China,
      you might not be able to reach Homestead and Geocities sites. Sites
      here are known to be blocked in China, so you might need to use a
      proxy. There is a proxy here:


      and information and a proxy here


      and an article about Safeweb's proxy here:


      MEANWHILE, your picture is here:


      and your webpage has been started here


      but not finished. I've been overwhelmed with keeping track of all
      the new members and was working on that over the weekend. We are
      happy to have new members, and welcome all to Webheads.

      You might need to put the two URLs above into one of the proxy sites
      in order to see them.

      I've received some of your Yahoo messages. In one you asked what is
      the difference when you become a member of webheads, and one
      difference is that I make you a web page when I receive your

      I will look for you on ICQ. To meet us on Sunday come to
      http://www.tappedin.org at noon GMT. To see what time that is where
      you are:


      In Shanghai that's 8 pm. Hope to see you then.

      Happy Chinese New Year,

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