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Eid greetings and peace on Earth

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  • s.nyrop@get2net.dk
    My dear Zaheer, Eid greetings for you, too! It really warms my heart to read your traditional Muslim words, even if I cannot translate them:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2002
      My dear Zaheer,

      Eid greetings for you, too! It really warms my heart to read
      your traditional Muslim words, even if I cannot translate


      As a world citizen, you have brought me some friendly peace
      with this greeting, Zaheer. We do live in a confusing world
      where religion has once more become an issue of utmost
      political importance, and in the Western European media, we
      experience deep ignorance and intolerance towards the
      muslim world as if everybody did agree with the false
      interpretations of the Prophet, although it is unfair to accuse
      innocent and peace loving people of the death provoking
      acts of desperate warlord regimens and terrorists. Besides,
      I feel it is so scary that the US government is so closely
      involved with right wing extreme "Christian" sectarian
      leaders and the industry of arms. As a postmodern,
      secularized non-believing and not practising being, I do
      believe that goodness and charity towards our fellow beings
      does not come from religion only, it comes from deep inside
      our hearts.

      Living far away from your dear ones is always harder at
      times where people usually get together. My own daughter is
      living in Mexico and would love to go home to visit us, but
      the ticket is far too expensive. So we'll have to keep in touch
      by mail and by phone. Imagine my pleasure when she called
      me early this morning at 2 am, even if I was in my deep
      sleep. Her voice is so dear to me, as I think you can
      imagine. So, even if it is costly to call home, I really
      recommend that you do so if possible.

      Greetings to all your family from one of the Webheads,


      PS I think your written English has improved a lot lately :-).
      I've made a few corrections, and you can compare it to your
      own original text to see the differences and think for
      yourself. Remember, I am not a teacher of English myself,
      so there might still be some grammar issues. But the more
      we use the foreign langiage, the more fluency we aquire.

      This is what Zaheer wrote, in an edited version:

      <<My very Dear and Respected Webbeads Friends and

      I know that most of you know about Eid ul Fitar, the great
      celebration day from Muslim throughout the world, at the end
      of our fasting month, the so called ramazan. So at this
      occasion I send e-mail to all of my muslim colleages
      throughout the world. As a member of our Webheads
      community, I also wish to saythis to all of you. Particularly
      to vance & sus.


      Having EID in aboard is actually with mix of sadness &
      happiness. Although its a very good and happy day for all
      the Muslim hearted person, I will feel a little bit of sadness;
      as you know my mom, sister, brother and relatives & all are
      living far away. So in the EID morning, I will really miss all
      of them. Of course, I will enjoy the EID day but not so
      much. Still I want to thank "ALLAH" for the pleasant day that
      I got a chance to go through. Especially in the merciful
      month "RAMADAN".

      anyway my eid wishes for you in these words


      WebMail fra Tele2 http://www.tele2.dk
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