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About the usual noon GMT Webheads online meetings Sept 1 and 8th ...

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi everyone, The usual noon GMT Webheads online meetings will be held as usual, but will also be a little unusual on Sept 1 and 8th. ... e-Merging e-Learning
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2002
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      Hi everyone,

      The usual noon GMT Webheads online meetings will be held as usual, but will also be a little unusual on Sept 1 and 8th.

      The meeting on Sept 8 will be part of this event:
      e-Merging e-Learning Conference at Higher Colleges of Technology Men's College, Abu Dhabi, UAE, http://www.admc.hct.ac.ae/admcinternet/eeconference/ee2002/Program.asp

      A visit with Webheads online community of practice for language learners and teachers, noon GMT, Sunday September 8, 2002. Abstract: Writing for Webheads is an ongoing 'experiment in world friendship through online language learning' whose participants have been meeting weekly online for almost 4 years now. During that time, Webheads have experimented with numerous synchronous and web-based multimedia communications formats, and presented at several live and online conference venues. More recently, the community has formally expanded to embrace language teaching professionals in a community of practice called Webheads in Action. These communities come together online every Sunday for a regular session held at about the time of this demonstration. Therefore we have an opportunity at this session to convene members of the community online to demonstrate 'live' our use of free and easily accessible text, video, and voice enhanced synchronous communications technologies, while showing conference delegates around the Webheads community.


      We have presented at such events often in the past, though it is a unique opportunity for us to be able to do what we usually do at the time we usually do it before a live audience.

      I'm not sure of the format for this event. At first I was told I would have my laptop at the front of a presentation room (you'd see the audience via my web cam and they would see you and hear you via my broadcast). But more recently I was told they would try to give us a computer lab. We have to work out details, but there could be many visitors from Abu Dhabi to this session, or it might be just me putting webheads in touch with a live audience.

      In preparation, at our chat noon GMT Sunday Sept 1, I'd like to encourage participants to use voice and web cams. This will help us to practice and work out bugs, and will also be interesting to our newcomers.

      To participate you don't need a web cam or a microphone - but if you have Yahoo Messenger you will be able to look and listen, and perhaps talk back if you can. We meet as usual at http://www.tappedin.org and the chat takes place there, with those of us wishing to use voice and web cam doing that at the same time we are at Tapped In.

      Normally our chats last for a couple of hours, so if you are asleep at noon GMT, just log in when you wake up.

      All are welcome,


      (sorry about the cross postings, those of you on more than one of our lists - just delete what you don't need :-)
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