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The Webheads online chat class, Nov 11

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi everyone, As you know, YahooGroups lost our group data a week or so ago. Now there are no longer any automatic reminders of Webheads online chat classes
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2001
      Hi everyone,

      As you know, YahooGroups lost our group data a week or so ago. Now
      there are no longer any automatic reminders of Webheads online chat
      classes each Sunday noon GMT. However, the text of that reminder is
      always here:

      This Sunday Nov 11 we have something special planned. As you probably
      know, webheads are giving a presentation at the ELT Online Conference
      (ELToc). Not only that, we are invited to attend the keynote speech on
      that day. The speech is by Dave Sperling. Dave is famous worldwide for
      his ESL Cafe at http://www.eslcafe.com Dave will be talking from noon
      to 12:50 GMT.

      To listen, here's what you do:

      At noon GMT, go to http://www.eltoc.com/
      In the left hand frame, click on Conference Area
      Here you are prompted for a user name and password

      Here's what you write ...

      User Name: webheads
      Password: webheads

      You are now on this page: http://www.eltoc.com/conf/index.shtml
      Find the word 'presentations' in the first paragraph and click there
      You will arrive at: http://www.eltoc.com/conf/timetable.shtml

      Look in the second table for November 11. Find the first presentation:

      12noon-12.50 Keynote address by Dave Sperling (ESL Cafe)

      Click on: Join keynote speech now

      This will open a new window. In the bottom frame, join the Multicity
      chat. Wait for the moderator to tell you to click on the text at left
      that says to listen to the speech. This will open Windows Media
      Player. Be sure you have that installed on your computer.

      When Dave's speech is over, close the window. You will find that
      http://www.eltoc.com/conf/timetable.shtml is still open. Look at the
      second presentation for Nov 11, and in Room 2 you will see:

      1.00-1.50 Presentation 2p: Webheads in Action: Community formation
      online and its role in language learning, Mr. Vance Stevens, Mr. Michael
      Coghlan, Mr. John Steele

      Click on: View/join presentation now

      Here again, you can join the chat and click on where it says listen
      Windows Media Player. You can hear me there talking about the Webheads

      You can preview the presentation at this address:

      Go on to Slide 1 to see what we will likely do during the presentation.

      People at the conference will be in the chat areas for the conference.
      They have had to pay to come there. Webheads are being allowed in free
      for a limited time. If you come to the conference chats, please talk to
      the people in the chat about Webheads.

      People at the conference are also being encouraged to come out and meet
      you at Tapped In, Yahoo Messenger, and perhaps Homestead. At Yahoo
      Messenger, voice chat will not work if you are also listening to me talk
      in Windows Media Player. However, our web cams should work. If you
      have a web cam, please turn it on for the participants (and for each

      If you don't wish to attend the conference, you can meet in the usual
      places: Tapped In and Yahoo chat. I will try to have a computer
      connected to the Tapped In and Yahoo voice chats as usual. If you
      arrive at these chats, you can meet with us almost as usual.

      As usual, the idea for Webheads Chaos Navigators is to try and be in as
      many places as we can be all at once. However, if you are comfortable in
      just one or two places, then go there and we will find you.

      If you have any questions about how to reach us I should be in the usual
      places and I can help you reach the conference if you wish to attend.

      All the best,

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