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Re: Fw: Vancouver?

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi all, In response to Dave Kees s student, Ying Lan offers her insights into Vancouver ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2001
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      Hi all,

      In response to Dave Kees's student, Ying Lan offers her insights into Vancouver

      "ying.lan" wrote:

      > Vance
      > I sent this email to <efiwebheads@yahoogroups.com>, but it did not accept
      > by the file-server of yahoo.group.
      > Maybe I need your help to check it a little bit.
      > Thanks.
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      > Sent: Wednesday, July 04, 2001 11:07 PM
      > Subject: Vancouver?
      > > Dave asked
      > > > > A student is going to Vancouver in a couple weeks and is a bit
      > > > > worried about the unknown factors involved.
      > >

      > Tell me more the unknown factors involved.
      > Is your student a Chinese person who wants to study English there or does he
      > she just want to immigrate?.
      > I was in Vancouver in September of 1996.
      > Actually, I had good time there.
      > I lived with a Canadian family.... there were 4 female people in the family.
      > The hostess had got divorced ten years before ... she lived with her mother
      > and two daughters.
      > She had to let rooms to foreign students to make some money to support her
      > family.
      > Actually, she never owned her house... just rented it.
      > We still keep in touch now... she will move to Howaii next September to live
      > with her boyfriend.
      > The grandmother passed away two years ago.
      > Vancouver is the most beautiful city in the world.... so people say
      > But I think that Victoria is more beautiful than Vancouver... they will
      > reply... Huaaah noo.... Victoria is too slow.
      > Someone once told me ... he is a Canadian who has lived in Vancouver before.
      > He said... Vancouver is not as safe as usual now.
      > But if you stay away from drugs and girls... everything should be o.k. and
      > perfect.
      > Because Vancouver is the warmest place in Canada, some poor people have come
      > from the inland to make money there.
      > It is easy to make money on the street (because Canadian coins are too heavy
      > to be carried... ) some beggars (especially the teenages) are not from poor
      > families.
      > Another reason is that Vancouver is a place which still has good social
      > welfare... compared to Toronto. That means people have to pay high taxes in
      > Vancouver.
      > In Toronto... the city government changed the tax rule six years ago. The
      > quality of social welfare in Toronta is not as good as before. But so many big
      > companies have moved to Toronto now. The unemployed like to live in Vancouver.
      > Actually.. the whole Vancouver city was built by Hong Kong money.
      > Maybe 50% of people who live there are from Asia. If you just want to survive
      > there.. you don't even need to speak English.... Speaking Chinese is enough..
      > If you want to work at a bank to do some servicing job, they will ask you to
      > speak two languages .. English and Cantonese.
      > >
      > Ying Lan
      > >
      > >
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