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new stuff up at Webheads website

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi everyone, I ve been busy putting new stuff up at our website, from the things you ve sent to this list. Here are the urls ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2001
      Hi everyone,

      I've been busy putting new stuff up at our website, from the things
      you've sent to this list. Here are the urls ...

      This page has been updated with stars for Rafat and Jose, who have just
      celebrated anniversaries with us.

      I put some links here to Rifle, Colorado, where Juani is about to spend
      a year as a Fulbright exchange teacher.

      Rachel sent us a password to have a look at her WebCT course on Men of

      Ying Lan sent a follow-up to the chat logs for this day and I put it

      These are the chat logs from our session last Sunday. Here's a

      It was a wild yet productive day in the Webheads online classrooms. The
      teachers Maggi, John, and I were in Tapped In and Homestead at the
      appointed hour, with Michael and Ying Lan joining later. In Tapped In we
      were discovered by Phil Benz, an online teacher of some repute (Maggi
      and I are both participating in an online workshop with Phil as
      facilitator). The first thing that Phil noticed was that my office
      needed sprucing up, so he determined to teach us how to do it. First he
      took us on a tour of his office, which is where Ying Lan found us when
      she came to /join vances. Phil has developed a virtual maze of nooks and
      crannies in his office which he creates first in ASCII and then produces
      the graphics for them, and he delighted in showing us all the way to the
      bar where we could sample his rums and coffees. Then it was back /home
      to Vance's office, by way of /reception where we picked up BJB to assist
      us. Phil was projecting tutorials on office maze creation on all our
      screens when Michael appeared and wondered what was going on. Ying Lan
      meanwhile had moved out to ICQ where she was telling Vance about her
      weekend adventure hiking in the mountains and staying overnight with the
      local people there, which is when Felix appeared, also in ICQ. Due to
      these distractions in addition to recurring demands from the night-class
      teachers at his real office, Vance was having trouble concentrating on
      the exact and exacting instructions for creating his new office layout.
      Actually things would have worked well except that the instructions
      included typing a dot or full stop and pressing return, and Vance took
      this to be a bullet or a spacer, which must be a common error (funny
      they didn't choose some other character to be a significant portion of
      the data-entry routine). Meanwhile Felix had joined us at Tapped In, and
      some other people had arrived in Vance's office with whom I was unable
      to talk at all while trying to interact with the Tapped In server in the
      course of following instructions to revamp my office. In the end Ying
      Lan got sleepy and left, John had to go to church, and Phil departed
      right as I was having another go at trying to figure out what the server
      was trying to tell me which was preventing me from following directions
      as given in the instruction sheets. The two newcomers left as I was
      trying to get back to the conversation, but Michael stayed on to figure
      out how to create his own icon or avatar to represent him at Tapped In.
      With Michael talking to Maggi about her new learning node at KIKO
      (Knowledge In Knowledge Out) I had a bit of a breather and was able to
      concentrate on task and install my new office drawing in a few seconds
      and keystrokes.


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