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chat logs on the web for the past two Sundays

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi everyone, I don t remember if I announced putting the chat logs up from Sunday a week ago, but all our logs are on the web now. You can read them all at
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2001
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      Hi everyone,

      I don't remember if I announced putting the chat logs up from Sunday a
      week ago, but all our logs are on the web now. You can read them all at


      Here's the description of our chat last week:

      March 18, 2001 -

      My day online began in conversation on ICQ with Rif about his work
      surveying and promoting use of computers in education in Turkey.
      Eventually I joined John and Maggi in Homestead where we started talking
      about how we could find Palaces still alive and well. Soon Moral
      appeared at Vance's office at Tapped In and we went from there to the
      Excite voice chat room. As is often the case, due to connection problems
      in different parts of the world, Moral has not been able to join us in
      our Homestead chat room, and Maggi has not been able to join us at
      Tapped In. However, once Ying Lan and Michael appeared, we were able to
      bring everyone but John (no sound card) together in the Excite chat
      room, where Ying Lan played us some music created by an elderly family
      of blind musicians. By then we had became quite comfortable working the
      Tapped In and Excite text and voice clients together. Moral from
      mainland China and Ying Lan from Taiwan conversed in English and a
      little Chinese and wanted to know how each had developed their spoken
      language skills. Both made use of online movie scripts, it turns out,
      and this sent us to Google in search of some suitable sites. Finally,
      when all the students had gone, Maggi and I went off in search of
      Palaces and found one we think we could visit next week:
      plantation.chatserve.com on port 9998. Perhaps we'll see everyone back
      there then.

      You can read the conversation with Arif at

      So you can see that Maggi and I may have found a Palace we can use.
      Maybe we can try it next Sunday at noon GMT:

      - plantation.chatserve.com on port 9998

      And finally, congratulations Gloria on being a contributing member of
      our community for two years already. You'll find two rainbow stars next
      to Gloria's picture on our student page at

      Hope we see more of you in the future, and of all of you,

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