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Proof that Webheads touches real people in significant ways in different parts of the world

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi Webheads, I wanted to share this with everyone. Ying Lan heard from someone who found something interesting on her Webheads website. The great thing about
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2001
      Hi Webheads,

      I wanted to share this with everyone. Ying Lan heard from someone who found
      something interesting on her Webheads website. The great thing about the
      Internet is that what we do is REAL and has an impact on other real people

      Ying Lan, I hope you'll invite Nicholas to one of our Sunday online classes,
      or to join our group.


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      Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 22:15:15 +0800
      From: Ying Lan <ying.lan@...>
      Subject: Fw: thank you for the song


      I am so happy to read the email from someone whom I don't know.

      Ying Lan
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      Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 12:51 AM
      Subject: thank you for the song

      hello yinglan,

      i just wanted to send you an email to say how grateful i am to have been
      able to locate your website. the story goes like this. a few years ago (i
      think it was in 1999), as a student in university, i was surfing the world
      wide web one night and i chanced upon the website of the webheads. i was
      browsing through the pages of the different students and found yours. what
      intrigued me most was the song you had written about called 'Stories' and
      sung by Chyi. it was hauntingly beautiful, and listening to it then, i
      could help but share it with another friend who was online.

      a year after that, my computer harddrive crashed and i lost that song. as
      hard as i tried, i couldn't remember who sang it and what the lyrics were.
      i only remembered remnients of your page and the tune. try searching the
      internet with that! i asked my friend too, but he simply couldn't remember
      what i was talking about. i was so upset. how could he not have remembered
      it? i suppose that moment when i first heard the song was only magical to

      i do not know why, but i was watching a show on television earlier and
      because of a tune they were playing, i was suddenly reminded of the song.
      this time, i managed to remember the lyrics "no one to wipe away my tears"
      and i did a search for that. however, i was unable to find that song again.
      i tried so many different variations of searching, different software and
      after nearly 2 hours, i found out that a song called 'Stories' by Viktor
      Lazlo had similar lyrics. searching for that also proved futile. i nearly
      gave up then, but decided to read in detail how i could better my search, in
      particular to search for your page. of course, i was hoping all this time
      that i would be able to find the song in mp3 or something downloadable so i
      could listen to it.

      when i finally typed in a very long search list with a lot of '+' and '-',
      it finally popped up. your webheads website! it appeared! i was overjoyed.
      it seems almost the same as before, including the trip you took to Nordkap.
      the funny thing i can say about all this is, i thought the song was in mp3,
      but it's in realmedia format. i was so sure it sounded much nicer and
      clearer than realmedia. well, the song must have made quite an impression,
      because in my mind, it was crystal clear.

      once again, i thank you.

      sincerely yours,
      nicholas tan
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