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chat logs from January 28 / Ying Lan and John join us as tutors

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi everyone, I m putting the logs from our latest chat up at http://www.homestead.com/vstevens/files/efi/chat2001/wfw010128.htm ... at least I hope that s the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2001
      Hi everyone,

      I'm putting the logs from our latest chat up at

      ... at least I hope that's the url ... anyway, here's a description.

      Four of the Webheads in the chat today had been trying to start voice chat
      rooms at the Telcopoint 'hearme' site before they joined today's chat. But
      Telcopoint had been apparently overwhelmed by the demand for chat rooms, and
      the site was not allowing creation of chatrooms. So as the chat began, and
      many other places in the chat, we talked about our frustration at not being
      able to voice chat. In fact today's chat was unusual in that it took place
      almost entirely in text. Only at the end of the chat did we manage to
      connect in voice chat via Yahoo! messenger.


      At the beginning of the chat, John and Ying Lan were asked if they would
      like to act as 'tutors' in the group. Vance, Maggi, and Michael have been
      'tutors' for almost three years now (we tried to figure out exactly how
      long, but couldn't remember exactly). Tutors in our group have to above all
      show a long-term commitment to the group.

      John has been with us only since last September, but he is a teacher in
      Puerto Rico with keen interest in the group. He is using the Webheads class
      as part of his PhD research, and most importantly, he's been in the live
      online chat class nearly every Sunday since he joined us. He likes the group
      and has demonstrated his commitment by being with us each week, and we
      wanted to show our appreciation in return by regarding him as one of the tutors.

      Ying Lan has been a student in our group since 1998, and an EFI student for
      a year or two before that. In that time, her English has improved a lot (her
      spoken English in particular!). She has written advice to students wanting
      to join our group, and most importantly, she has demonstrated her commitment
      to the group by attending almost every live online chat each Sunday for as
      long as we've been having them. So again, we wish to recognize her
      commitment to the group and also to invite students who would like to have
      any information about Webheads from a student's perspective to get in touch
      with her, since she is as familiar with the Webheads concept as any other tutor.


      As we were reminiscing about the start of the Webheads (reminisce means to
      talk about what you remember) we started talking about another first-member
      of our group, Felix. And as we were talking about him, speak of the devil!
      (that's an expression we use when someone we have been talking about
      appears) he came on ICQ, and we soon had him with us in our chat. Nicia and
      Michael joined as well, and in response to a question Ying Lan asked us, we
      started talking about who wears the pants in our families (that means, who's
      the boss). This got us on to the topic of divorce, whether it is possible to
      divorce someone you love, and what it's like to live with a soulmate.
      Meanwhile Sergei had joined us from Belarus. Sergei is another teacher
      interested in how chats can be used in teaching, and (like John) he knows
      about us from the Teaching for Webheads group.

      If you go to the chat transcript, you can click on the topics that interest
      you and go directly to those places in the chat.

      Try it,

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