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Re: from one webhead to another

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi Brian, Your question is such a good one that I m putting this out on our webheads list, so hi to all the webheads students and teachers as well. First of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2000
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      Hi Brian,

      Your question is such a good one that I'm putting this out on our webheads
      list, so hi to all the webheads students and teachers as well.

      First of all, to introduce Brian, you can visit his website at
      http://come.to/surfschool and see that he uses programs similar to ours,
      such as microsoft netmeeting, ms messenger, ICQ, yahoo messenger, email, and
      ms chat. Brian had written to one of the professional lists to say he could
      use more students, and so I invited him to visit us one Sunday to compare notes.

      At 10:40 PM 8/9/00 +0100, Brian wrote:
      >HiVance,just one question:
      >Why do so many countries in the world spend so much money on education,if
      >they can get it all for free from you?

      The obvious answer is: to deliver it efficiently to as many people as
      possible, to deliver the highest quality possible, and to teach as broad a
      range of subjects as possible. We webheads teachers are paid to work in our
      regular jobs helping to deliver that kind of education.

      But for fun and in our spare time, we go online to help a small group of 40
      or so people to improve just their English only by interacting with us. We
      enjoy it and we all learn from each other, but we are not in competition
      with anyone presenting a well thought out syllabus to a mass audience. We
      don't even have a syllabus, although what we learn with webheads helps us to
      design curriculum for the people we are paid to teach in real life.

      I think Brian's question applies to many aspects of the internet, and maybe
      webheads would like to think about these and send us their ideas.

      - Why should people pay for long distance phone service when they can make
      internet calls for free?

      - Why should people buy music CD's when they can download what they want
      free from Napster and all the copycats that are rushing in to the vacuum in
      case Napster is shut down?

      I think the reason has to do with the fact that the established industries
      all have something to offer that the Internet can't, and that to survive,
      these industries had better find out what that is and sell that.

      What do you think it is, webheads? And why should people pay for courses
      like Brian's. Brian, what does your course offer that people can't get for
      free from us? I'm sure there's a good answer to that question and we would
      be interested to hear it.

      All the best to all,


      >> Our lessons are always free. We teachers do it to keep in touch with each
      >> other and to keep our skills up. Students do it because they like it.
      >> We've been doing it for over two years, and students have been with us for
      >> that long. So we're not interested in lessons for pay except for what we
      >> could learn from your techniques. If you'd like to learn from us you're
      >> welcome to drop by, any Sunday, noon GMT.
      >> All the best,
      >> Vance
      >> http://www.netword.com/webheads
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